Carolina Journal
Volume 15, Number 1 - January 2006

Table of Contents:

On the Cover:

  • Roanoke Rapids Projects Tap Public Funds
  • Most Partnerships Manage to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

North Carolina:

  • State Rep. Bill Faison Says He's 'Incidental' Defender of Black
  • Ballance Feted, Then Prison


  • Dropping Enrollment Doesn't Bring Decrease in Adminstrators
  • Kakadelis Commentary: NCEA Had Productive 2005
  • Grassroots Baptists Assess Public Education
  • What Works Best: As Arts Education Funding Shrinks, Others Stepping In

Higher Education:

  • Congressional Leaders Examine BCS System
  • Committee Report on President of HCC Expected After Holidays
  • FIRE Releases Thought-Reform Guide
  • Leef Commentary: Mandatory Student Fees Should End
  • Sanders Commentary: Top 10 Nuttiest Campus Events in 2005
  • Maloney's Documentaries Expose Liberal Bias in Higher Education
  • Issues: Let's Abandon Any Notion of Using Central Educational Planning

Local Government:

  • Study of Urban Transportation in NC Cites Revenue Needs
  • Adams Commentary: Zoning vs. Planning
  • Rental Cars New Tax Target
  • Wilmington Convention Center on Hold Due to Lackluster Plan
  • Mental Health Reform Rough Going in North Carolina

The Learning Curve:

  • Book Review: "Living it Up at National Review"
  • Book Review: "They Made America"
  • Book Review: "The West's Last Chance"
  • Kickler Commentary: Anti-Federalist Willie Jones Was One of Nation's Co-Founders


  • Wagner Commentary: Yes, Samantha, There Is a God
  • Editorial: Triangle Gets Great News on Rail
  • Editorial: Death-Penalty Polls Mislead
  • Editorial: Food Fights an Absurd Waste
  • Hood Commentary: Take Fantasy Out of State Budget
  • Walden Commentary: Consumers Dictate 'Creative Destruction"
  • Sanera Commentary: Going Out to Eat? Let City Government Choose Your Restaurant
  • Letter to Editor: Musings While on the Metro in Washington, D.C.

Parting Shot:

  • Jailhouse Crock: More Political Going-Away Parties (a CJ parody)

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