Carolina Journal
Volume 15, Number 12 - December 2006

Table of Contents:

On the Cover:

  • Legislature: Some new voices, same tune, page 1
  • Coalition seeks redistricting reform for voter choice, page 1

North Carolina:

  • Site gets 'intense interest' of Congressional staff, page 4


  • JLF analysts say student testing has failed, page 8
  • Guilford Schools ease path for minority subcontractors, page 9
  • Kakadelis commentary: Looking back on a dismal year, page 9
  • CMS family wants school choice to help son, page 10
  • Research: Certification doesn't ensure high quality, page 11

Higher Education:

  • Carolina North project divides town and gown, page 12
  • Democrats now formulating their higher-education agenda, page 13
  • Leef commentary: Market will test online education, page 13
  • Course of the month: No book, no second test, and frequently no class!, page 14
  • With budget shortfall looming, UNC, Bowles seek more funding, page 14
  • Issues in higher education: Alexander Hamilton Center stirs hopes, page 15

Local Government:

  • Are ETJ regulations stifling growth in Angier? page 16
  • Audit questions sit-in group, page 17
  • Adams commentary: Corruption ignored, page 17
  • Charlotte Mill venture costly, page 18
  • State loses class-actioni battle in appeals court, page 19

The Learning Curve:

  • Book review: Street Smart makes case for private roads, page 20
  • Kickler commentary: Quotes illustrate importance of fighting for freedom, page 21
  • Movie review: "Facing the Giants" page 22
  • Movie review: "Flags of Our Fathers" page 23


  • Chesser commentary: Values apply to all issues, page 24
  • Editorial: How to make bonds appealing, page 24
  • Editorial: Robust debate here to stay, page 25
  • Hood commentary: Trade is now a partisan issue, page 25
  • Walden commentary: Who's winning the economic race in N.C., page 26
  • Rotterman commentary: Republicans, not conservatives, lost on Nov. 7, page 27
  • Letters to the editor, page 27

Parting Shot:

  • CJ parody: Gov. Mike Easley on the gift that keeps on giving, page 28

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