The John Locke Foundation
Cordially invites you to

a meeting of the Shaftesbury Society

with our special guest

Max Borders

- Executive Editor, Free to Choose Network

Winning Minds With Mass Media

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Monday, December 15, 2008
12:00 noon

The John Locke Foundation, 200 W Morgan St., Raleigh, NC

Price: $8.00

Max Borders is currently Executive Editor at Free to Choose Network (FTCN), a non-profit organization that uses mass media to help inquisitive young minds explore the value of political, personal and economic freedom sustained by the rule of law.

Max is formerly Managing Editor of TCS Daily and continues to write opinion journalism for both national and local outlets. His articles have appeared in Human Events, The Washington Examiner, the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer,, the Orange County Register, and many more.

Prior to his work for FTCM, Max worked as Media Director and Policy Analyst at the Civitas Institute in Raleigh. In 2008, the Charles G. Koch Foundation selected Max to join an elite young group of rising classical liberal intellectuals and activists to the Koch Associates Program (KAP) for continuing education in organization theory, market economics, and non-profit management. In the same year, he recieved the Explorer's Foundation Cobden-Bright award for a new media presentation titled "Complexity and Economics."

Max is also formerly a Program Director for the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), a Washington, DC-area research and education institute committed to the ideas of classical liberalism.

In past lives, Max taught philosophy and ethics to undergraduates and worked as a technology journalist for Accenture Technology Labs. His myriad experiences in academia, public policy and private enterprise make him fascinated by the intersection of theory and practice. He received his Master's degree from University College London, UK and his BA from Appalachian State University in Boone. He hails from Charlotte.

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