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An Education Survey

North Carolina Private School Survey - Featured Link!
We invite you to take the North Carolina Private School Survey. Its purpose is to promote North Carolina’s private schools by gathering and analyzing data on private schools generally not available to the public. The information collected in this survey will be used only to draw general conclusions about private schools in North Carolina. No information about individual schools will be released to the public.

Economic Statistics

Consumer Price Index Conversion
Inflation Conversion Factors for Dollars 1665 to Estimated 2012.

Economics of Networks
A collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the telephone and fax communications networks, the internet, financial exchange and credit card networks, as well as on "virtual networks."

Exchange Rate Data
FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity.

Fair Model (macroeconomic modeling)
Brings the power of large scale macroeconometric analysis to anyone with access to the internet. It is a resource for business forecasters, government policy analysts, macroeconomic researchers, teachers, and students.

The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

I.R.S. Tax Stats
Locate here information on the number of returns filed with IRS, as well as the collections received by, and the refunds paid by, the IRS. There's also statistics on examination activities and taxpayer assistance provided by IRS.

National Bureau Of Economic Research
The NBER is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Research is conducted by more than 600 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields.

OMB Budget for U.S.
Various Fiscal Years searchable.

Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development
The OECD groups 30 member countries sharing a commitment to democratic government and the market economy.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Lists 1,305 resources in 93 sections and sub-sections available on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics.

U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Federal Government

Declaration of Independence - Featured Link!

Library Of Congress

Thomas: U.S. Legislative Information

United States Constitution

Free Market Organizations

Adam Smith Institute
Developing policy including privatization, regulatory reform and government restructuring.

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
Washington, DC-based think tank which promotes the principles of classical liberalism.

Allegheny Institute
Based in Pittsburgh, PA and dedicated to bringing free-market solutions to local government.

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Washington, DC-based organization dedicated to preserving and strengthening free society through rigorous inquiry, debate, and writing.

Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Based in Fairfax, VA, this organization helps to create and develop independent public policy research organizations.

Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy
The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, created as a 501c3 non-profit on May 31, 2003, seeks to groom those in Kentucky who share liberty-based philosophies, and give them the tools to succeed as elected officials.

Buckeye Institute
The mission of the Buckeye Institute is to research, develop and promote free-market solutions for public policy issues in Ohio.

C.D. Howe Institute
Independent, nonprofit, research and educational institution in Canada.

Cascade Policy Institute
Explores and promotes answers to Oregon's public policy questions from a limited government, free-market perspective.

Cato Institute
Contains prepared statements made by senior Cato policy staff members before Congress, conference and lecture information, a gateway to an extensive database of policy analysis reports, an on-line book catalog, and more.

Center of the American Experiment
A conservative think-tank dealing with ideas and ideals starting with faith, family, and personal responsibility.

Claremont Institute
A Claremont, CA based organization which works to restore principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in life.

Competitive Enterprise Institute
The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. They believe that consumers are best helped not by government regulation but by being allowed to make their own choices in a free marketplace.

Discovery Institute
DI's mission is to make a positive vision of the future practical. The Institute discovers and promotes ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty.

Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Public policy organization based in Washington State that focuses on individual liberty, free enterprise and responsible government.

Foundation for Economic Education
publishers of "Ideas on Liberty." The organization champions private property, the free market, and limited government.

Fraser Institute
Canadian free market think tank.

Free Nation Foundation
Based in Hillsborough, NC, this group works "toward creation of a new free nation by building understanding of how a free nation would work."

Advocates market-based solutions to public policy problems--based in Washington, DC

Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Committed to keeping Georgians informed about their government and actively supports private enterprise, limited government, and individual responsibility.

Goldwater Institute
Established in 1988 as an independent, nonpartisan research and educational organization dedicated to the study of public policy in Arizona. Advances public policies based on the principles championed by the late Senator Barry Goldwater-—limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility.

Heartland Institute
Ideas include parental choice in education, choice and personal responsibility in health care, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.

Heritage Foundation
Conservative public-policy think tank, based in Washington, D.C.

Hudson Institute
A private, not-for-profit research organization founded in 1961 by the late Herman Kahn. Commitment to free markets and individual responsibility, confidence in the power of technology to assist progress, respect for the importance of culture and religion in human affairs, and determination to preserve America’s national security.

Independence Institute
Because the pursuit of happiness and the enjoyment of life and liberty are matters of individual choice, the Institute addresses a broad variety of public policy issues from a free-market, pro-freedom perspective.

Independent Institute
Located in Oakland, Ca. the mission is to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform.

Independent Women's Forum
IWF builds support for a greater respect for limited government, equality under the law, property rights, free markets, strong families, and a powerful and effective national defense and foreign policy. IWF is home to some of the nation's most influential scholars—women who are committed to promoting and defending economic opportunity and political freedom.

Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Free market think-tank researching Israel's economy and Mideast strategy and politics.

Institute for Justice
Founded in 1991, and is the nation's only libertarian public interest law firm, pursuing cutting-edge litigation in the courts of law and in the court of public opinion on behalf of individuals whose most basic rights are denied by the State-- rights like economic liberty, private property rights, and the right to free speech, not only on paper but also on the Internet.

Institute for the Study of Capitalism and Morality
The institute, located at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, W.Va., supports an appreciation of the concept, operation and effects of a capitalistic system.

James Madison Institute
Florida-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank dedicated to economic freedom.

Josiah Bartlett Center For Public Policy
New Hampshire-based think tank committed to furthering the goals of economic growth and individual opportunity.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Michigan-based educational organization devoted to improving quality of life by promoting sound solutions to state and local policy questions.

Manhattan Institute
The mission of the Manhattan Institute is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility.

Montreal Economic Institute
An independent, non-profit, non-partisan research and educational institute based in Quebec, Canada that endeavours to promote an economic approach to the study of public policy issues.

National Center for Policy Analysis
Develops and promotes private alternatives to government regulation and control. Based in Dallas, TX and Washington, DC.

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Looking for the intellectual ammunition you need to advance free-market and limited government ideas in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) is your source for the research and analysis needed to combat those who always call for more state-government taxing, spending and regulation. OCPA's mission is to accumulate, evaluate, and disseminate public policy ideas and information for Oklahoma consistent with the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and individual initiative.

Reason Foundation
National public-policy research organization with a market-based approach and outside-Washington perspective.

Reason Public Policy Institute (RPPI) is a public policy think tank promoting choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy as the foundation for human dignity and progress.

Southeastern Legal Foundation
Founded in 1976, Southeastern Legal Foundation is celebrating its 23rd year as an Atlanta-based public interest law firm which advocates limited government, individual economic freedom, and the free enterprise system in the courts of law an public opinion.

Texas Public Policy Foundation
A public-policy, free market think tank which focuses on issues relating to the Lone Star State.

The Empire Center for New York State Policy
A project of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, the Center is dedicated to fostering greater economic growth, opportunity and individual responsibility in the Empire State. Through research papers, policy briefings, commentaries and conferences, the Empire Center will seek to educate and inform New York State policymakers, news media and the general public.

U. S. Term Limits
Advocates citizen legislators, not career politicians.

Washington Policy Center
Free-market policy research center founded on the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise located in the state of Washington.

North Carolina Government

N.C. General Assembly

North Carolina Encyclopedia

North Carolina State Government Main Page

North Carolina Organizations

John William Pope Civitas Institute
Civitas Institute is a research and public policy organization dedicated to providing conservative solutions for North Carolina's pressing issues. The main avenues used to achieve this end are tracking polls, research and analysis, and informative institutes.

Libertarian Party of North Carolina

North Carolina Democratic Party

North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans

North Carolina Republican Party

Wake County Taxpayers Association - Featured Link!
The Wake County Taxpayers Association (WCTA) is a non-partisan, non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose purpose is to monitor the use of taxes, initiate action to reduce excessive taxation, eliminate wasteful government spending, and encourage the wise and common sense use of taxes at all levels of government.

Other Interesting Sites

Accuracy in Media
America's oldest media watchdog group

Cary Watchmen
The Cary Watchmen are experienced business leaders who provide unbiased assessments of spending and policies to better the Town of Cary for all citizens and businesses. is an online community dedicated to promoting conservative ideals and advancing conservative policies in North Carolina. is not authorized or sponsored by any candidate or political party.

Dead Economists Society

EDIRC: Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World
This is an attempt to index the amazing number of economics institutions on the WWW.

Free Market Medicine
A site dedicated to the proposition that the free market can provide high quality, reasonably-priced health care, without government interference.

Published by the Henry Hazlitt Foundation, this site is a "virtual community" designed to help make free-market ideas, individuals, and organizations more accessible.

A blog dedicated to freedom and democracy.

International Center for Economic Growth
A powerful new tool featuring the largest database of economic development policy institutes and publications on the web.

Laissez Faire Books
Huge selection of books on liberty.

Reviews and Catalogue.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.

New Century Project
The New Century Project is dedicated to making America's future great by returning power, money, and influence to the American people. We support and encourage those who share this dedication, and we believe that individuals, families and communities, not government, hold the keys to implementing new and innovative ideas for America's future.

The Free Citizen Online

Political Organizations

American Conservative Union
The nation's oldest conservative lobbying organization, ACU supports capitalism, the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, confidence in traditional moral values, and commitment to a strong national defense.

Communist Party

Conservative Party (UK)

Democratic National Committee

Labour Party (UK)

Liberal Party (Canada)

Libertarian Party

North Carolina Republicans

Republican National Committee


American Spectator

Independent Review
A Journal of Political Economy.

National Review

North Carolina's Daily Newspapers

Policy Review: The Journal of American Citizenship
published by the Heritage Foundation

The American Enterprise

The Old Republic
A webzine which focuses on economic issues.

Weekly Standard

JLF Network Websites & Blogs