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October 09, 2009

Computers are so last century

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 10:44 PM

The email from the governor's office today stated,"Gov. Perdue Focuses on Green, Defense/Aerospace Jobs." So you can just forget about that silly Dell plant closing in Winston-Salem despite lots of tax incentives from the state, county, and city. Cree is adding 575 jobs without any incentives and those are much more important:

"Green jobs are a cornerstone of my vision for building a 21st century global economy in North Carolina," Perdue said. "This job announcement fits perfectly with my plan to grow a world-leading green economy in North Carolina that turns green into gold for decades to come."

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You might be a progressive if...

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 7:04 PM

...your only complaint about  O receiving the Peace prize is that you think it's overdue.

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When it comes to the O receiving the Nobel...

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 6:28 PM

one word says it all.

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New CJ exclusive offers update on controversial UNC program for soldiers

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 5:06 PM

David Bass reports some members of Congress have second thoughts about the Citizen-Soldier Support Program.

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AP: Obama Nobel more about promise than performance

Posted by David N. Bass at 3:25 PM

From the AP:

[T]he prize seems to be more for promise than performance.

Uh, yeah...

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A useful comparison -- Detroit and Hiroshima

Posted by George Leef at 1:13 PM

Here is a group of photographs comparing Hiroshima and Detroit and they were in 1945 with they way they look today.

In 1945, Hiroshima was in ruins and Detroit was a thriving city. Today, the situations are reversed. Just some mysterious happenstance? Or is Detroit's decline due to its political culture of redistribution and hostility toward entrepreneurship?

Is not the country as a whole on the same track as Detroit?

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Re: The Nobel Peace Prize?

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:34 AM

"Beyonce had one of the best peacemaking efforts of all time!"

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Response to Canary Coalition on Wind Power and Ridge Law

Posted by Daren Bakst at 10:11 AM

The Macon County News ran this letter to the editor from a Canary Coalition representative.

Here's what I sent to the Macon County News to respond to this letter (learn more about the Ridge Law and wind power here):

In his September 28 letter entitled “More Spin on Wind,” Mr. Friedman of the Canary Coalition alleges that Senate Bill 1068 would ban wind development in the mountains.

This is false. The bill promotes wind development by expressly allowing large residential wind turbines that could be over 100 feet. Under the Mountain Ridge Protection Act of 1983 (Ridge Law), these large residential wind turbines would be prohibited.

As Mr. Friedman points out, the Ridge Law has an exception for utility structures. However, it only applies to equipment for electricity transmission, not electricity generation. As Mr. Friedman knows and Attorney General Roy Cooper has argued, wind turbines are generation facilities not transmission facilities.

I found it amusing that Mr. Friedman defends his position based on the current claims of a legislative aide who worked on the Ridge Law in 1983. No court is going to care what some aide says about the intent of the law, especially when the plain language of the law is clear.

Mr. Friedman tries to defend wind power arguing that it is both “practical” and “affordable.” According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), wind power receives a federal subsidy of $23.37 per megawatt hour. Coal receives a federal subsidy of $0.44 cents per megawatt hour. Even these outrageous subsidies aren’t enough to develop wind power. As a result, in 2007, the state legislature had to require utility companies to buy renewable energy.

Based on EIA data comparing costs per megawatt hour, new onshore wind power plants are far more expensive than conventional sources of electricity, including 37 percent more expensive than a new advanced coal plant. This is a low estimate because it doesn’t account for the cost of back-up electricity generation needed for wind power.

If the Canary Coalition is so confident about wind power, they should agree with me that the legislature should eliminate any mandates related to wind power. For some reason though, I think their actions won’t mirror their rhetoric.

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The Nobel peace prize?

Posted by Rick Henderson at 08:24 AM

Are you kidding? Well, maybe Obama will meet the Dalai Lama now.

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Thomas warns of the danger of radical Islam

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 07:09 AM

Syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News analyst Cal Thomas has plenty of material for a joke-filled critique of the Obama administration.

But Thomas used little of that material during Thursday's John Locke Foundation Headliner luncheon in Winston-Salem. Instead he focused on the danger of radical Islam, as you'll note by watching the video clip below.

Watch the full 56:08 recording by clicking the play button below.

You'll find other John Locke Foundation video presentations here.

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This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 07:02 AM

Gov. Beverly Perdue leaves soon for an economic development trip to Asia. John Hood says the trip is not likely to have much positive impact on the North Carolina economy. He explains why during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio.

Turning from the governor to the president, Jon Ham will analyze media coverage of the Obama administration. John Fund of The Wall Street Journal will discuss some of the challenges conservatives are likely to face in the coming year — even if they win battles over health-care reform, card-check legislation, and cap-and-trade carbon emissions schemes.

The organizer of a recent rally will explain why some North Carolinians want to see an audit of the Federal Reserve, and economist Allen Basala will explain the benefits of regulatory review.

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New Carolina Journal Online features

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 06:51 AM

This week's Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features Donna Martinez's conversation with Daren Bakst about a recent analysis of the negative economic impact of North Carolina's renewable energy mandates.

Joyce Pope's guest Daily Journal discusses Republicans' poor record in adapting to the communication technologies young people use.

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