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October 10, 2004

Two views

Posted by Hal Young at 10:35 PM

At least these aren't "undecided":

"... my family is more important than my party."
-- Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga) at the Republican National Convention

"Democracy is more important than the size of my thighs."
-- unidentified woman eating a brownie at Ithaca, NY, "Bush Must Go" bake sale

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The freedom of others may be our own

Posted by Hal Young at 10:20 PM

Much of this kind of legislation in Europe seems based on an ugly strain of national racism not far below the cultural surface. However, the lesson should be taken here in America as well -- rules impacting the rights of others have a certain way of whipsawing on the authors.

BERLIN: A German court has ruled that a regional ban on Muslim teachers wearing headscarves in public schools must also apply to Christian nuns, news weekly Der Spiegel has reported.

Nuns, who often work in public schools in the predominantly Roman Catholic Black Forest region of the state, will now be required to remove their habits before entering the classroom.


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