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November 10, 2004

More on Western Civ-terrified UNC leftists

Posted by Jon Sanders at 4:44 PM

Read their long screed against the Popes, George Leef and Course of the Month here.

It begins thus:
Should UNC-CH Accept $12 Million
from Racist, Sexist, Classist, Homophobic Donors?

Here's my suggestion for the author:

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UNC-CH leftists terrified of Western Civ proposal

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:42 PM

UNC-Chapel Hill's leftist listserv carried the following missive today:

Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 1:14 PM
Subject: [seac] Pope

Sorry about the late notice, but I thought this would be interesting for those of you concerned about academic independence here at UNC. The attachments regard a grant proposal from the Pope brothers [sic] for the establishment of a Western Civ department (i.e. history dealing solely with the disenfranchised plight of rich, white, Protestant men) and why the University should turn down the Pope brothers.

The protest to the meeting between the university and the Pope brothers -- which no students are allowed to attend at this point -- will be tomorrow. Details are enclosed in the attachments.


This is in line with the Independent's hit piece on the Pope Foundation's proposal to bring Western Civilization courses (back) to UNC-Chapel Hill. (Funny how none of them worried about "Compromising [UNC-CH's] Curriculum" when the Williamson Fund was created.)

The email author's snide comment about "history dealing solely with the disenfranchised plight of rich, white, Protestant men" demonstrates the lack of understanding of Western Civilization that the Pope proposal would address. Students accustomed to the blight of area and interest studies now come to expect that a new track of study will address someone's race, religion, income level, sexual preference, or some other neo-Marxist topic of division dreamed up to further spread discord (and thereby, it is hoped, pave the way for a "Glorious Revolution" here).

But the study of Western Civilization is the study of liberty. Put in campus buzzwords, it is indeed the study of the seedbed of diversity and tolerance of differences, the struggle with and victory over religious tyranny, racial division, class division, and so forth. It is the study of how ideas and the respect for individual liberty and God-given human rights either brought about or created an environment that fosters diversity and toleration.

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Re: Bile and despair watch

Posted by Hal Young at 12:07 AM

Or, Little bastard college students betrayed John Kerry The Aspen Daily News watched election night with Hunter S. "Fear and Loathing" Thompson. Although Thompson agrees with Michael Moore's assessment of the evangelical vote in last week's election ("I've got the worst possible news. Colorado has gone to hell like all the other states. They must have voted like they prayed."), he differs with Moore on the students:
He deemed the election "another failure of the youth vote." "Yeah, we rocked the vote all right. Those little bastards betrayed us again."

More evidence of the remarkable tendency of the far left to eat their young. It's all part of their canny strategy of winning the next election by insulting the intelligence, demeaning the motives, or blaspheming the faith of 51% of the electorate.

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Cherokee People

Posted by John Hood at 09:41 AM

The Winston-Salem Journal has a fascinating account today of the early Moravian settlers of Winston-Salem and their relationships with the Cherokees.

Hereís interesting part of the history I didnít know:

The Cherokee exodus from the Southeast to Oklahoma began in 1838. According to some estimates, more than 4,000 people died along the way, about a fifth of the Cherokee people.

Historians have written that the Trail of Tears was a source of moral crisis in the Moravian church. Some wanted to accompany the Cherokee along the route but were afraid that doing so would imply an agreement with the resettlement policy.

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Pasta-cooking and other economic-development questions

Posted by John Hood at 09:26 AM

It looks like some local officials in Guilford are showing at least a little backbone regarding the runaway train that is incentives for Dell Computers. Asked about the prospect of eliminating property and other taxes for the company and buying its land for development, Greensboro and Guilford politicians sounded cautious:

Both Greensboro Mayor Keith Holliday and outgoing Guilford commissioners' chairman Robert Landreth said they had heard nothing specific from Dell. But both said they thought there would be no way that either government would pay for the 100 to 150 acres that Dell wants for a site.

"At $30,000 to $50,000 an acre, you're talking about $4 million or $5 million," Landreth said. Holliday said he could not see "taking money out of the General Fund to pay for land. We just couldn't do that."

Landreth said that if Dell insists on getting free land, it would have to be donated by a private citizen or foundation. "That's the only way I could see that happening," he said. Landreth also said he thought it would be tantamount to "raiding the county treasury" to allow Dell to pay no taxes for 25 years. "We have to get more out of this than just jobs," Landreth said. "There's a limit to what a corporation should get. They can blackmail you to death sometimes."

Holliday said he couldn't say what the City Council might do regarding a request from Dell to avoid taxes for many years. "Obviously, no taxes for 25 years is not our policy," he said. "We must be good stewards of the taxpayers' money."

All too often, politicians have shown their backbones to be made of linguini on this issue. We'll see whether the Guilford folks are made of stronger stuff or if the linguini just hasnít been cooked yet.

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