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July 10, 2004

A couple of mentions in The Washington Post

Posted by John Hood at 09:38 AM

I was reading Howard Kurtz’ latest “Media Notes” column in The Washington Post online and saw some Edwards-related mentions that strike close to home. First, Kurtz takes note of an editorial in National Review reacting to the Edwards pick and citing much of the analysis I’ve been providing to NR about Edwards over the past couple of years. Second, Kurtz calls attention to our own Paul Chesser’s article for The Weekly Standard’s web site on the media swoon for Edwards.

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The W-S Journal offer some more advice

Posted by John Hood at 09:29 AM

The Winston-Salem Journal has issued some additional endorsements in the statewide primaries to be held July 20:

State school superintendent: Democrat June Atkinson and Republican Bill Fletcher.

Republican attorney general: Joe Knott.

Republican state auditor: Les Merritt.

Democratic agriculture commissioner: Britt Cobb.

Republican insurance commissioner: Cindy Huntsberry.

Republican labor commissioner: Cherie Berry.

Democratic secretary of state: Elaine Marshall.

Court of Appeals (supposedly nonpartisan): Alan Thornburg.

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Religious Imagery in Charlotte

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 07:58 AM

Veteran author and journalist Frye Gaillard has an interesting cover story in Creative Loafing on the state of Charlotte's churches. There's lots of good first-hand reporting, but Gaillard is saddled with a title -- "Holy Wars" -- that makes it seem the piece is about conflict when it turns out to be more about how there is less distance between various views of how religion fits in a community than there has been at certain times in the past.

Gaillard frets there isn't enough social activism or prickly messages of social justice coming from pulpits around town, but it isn't clear exactly what wrongs he thinks need to be righted short of imposition of a European-style welfare state.

And I wished Gaillard had tackled how the city's growing Hispanic population affects its churches, a demographic trend that dwarfs all others. Still, well worth a read.

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Long, long way from Robbins

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 07:37 AM

John Edwards is getting the once-over from places far removed from the Piedmont:

John Edwards would have liked to be US President in 2004. But he’s an extraordinarily talented plaintiffs’ trial lawyer. If he can’t win, he’ll settle. Being John Kerry’s vice president would be enough. For now.

Why should Muslims care?

Hope he enjoys all this.

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