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May 14, 2004

Re: No Child Left Behind

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:27 PM

Karen's "blog" on NCLB is right on. Conservatives in no way should be lending support to this law. Indeed this issue is completely turned on its head and it shows how the unprincipled actions of Republican presidents can lead to the deterioration of support for core conservative principles in general.

For years conservatives have been arguing that the federal government has no constitutional role in education. Indeed, conservatives have argued that the federal Department of Education has no constitutional legitimacy. Then George Bush comes along and presides over the largest expansion of the federal government into the local education decision making ever. What do we find? Conservatives supporting it and the NEA opposing it. Conservatives will never again be able to stand on constitutional principles of federalism when discussing education. Thank you George--"the compassionate"--Bush and shame on all those conservatives who lend themselves to the further erosion of our principles by finding exceptions for Republican presidents.

The question I want to ask to those conservatives who support NCLB is, would your position be the same if this legislation was Bill Clinton's brainchild rather than George Bush's?

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Re: letter on "fun" end-of-the-world flick

Posted by Jon Sanders at 1:59 PM

Only a leftist could write this without giggling:

Manhattan is frozen over as global warming triggers an Ice Age across North America.

Ah, right.

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Re: "Day After Tomorrow" flick

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:45 AM

But George, it says here that "Britain's chief scientist" says the film is "'remarkably realistic' in parts." Even if "it plays fast and loose with some of the science of climate change," he "welcome[s] the movie in the sense that it raises the profile of a critically important public debate about global warming and the need to persuade govvvv

Sorry, I fell asleep just typing that.

In other world news, it turns out that the director of "The Day After Tomorrow," Roland Emmerich, may have pulled a unique two-fer in the film world of raising the profile of critically important yadda yadda hey. Apparently Mexico's chief Air Force pilots are saying Emmerich's blockbuster "Independence Day" is "remarkably realistic" in parts, too.


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Day After Tomorrow and

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 11:43 AM

Dear MoveOn member,

On Memorial Day weekend, Hollywood is releasing a summer blockbuster movie that's making the Bush administration very nervous. In fact, they'd rather you didn't see it at all.

Why? Because it's a disaster movie about global warming.

While "The Day After Tomorrow" is more science fiction than science fact, everyone will be talking about it -- and asking "Could it really happen?" This is an unprecedented opportunity to talk to millions of Americans about the real dangers of global warming and expose President Bush's foot-dragging on the issue.

It's also a fun movie to see with friends over the holiday weekend.

So here's the plan: On Memorial Day weekend, grab a few friends and go see "The Day After Tomorrow" -- the movie the White House doesn't want you to see. At the theater, meet up with other MoveOn members to give out flyers that explain, in everyday language, what causes global warming, how Bush's environmental policies could lead us into a real-life climate crisis, and what we can do together to meet this challenge. ..

Maybe you've already seen the trailer for "The Day After Tomorrow": tornadoes whip through Los Angeles and Manhattan is frozen over as global warming triggers an Ice Age across North America.

Nearly 20 million Americans are expected to see this movie, with as many as 7 or 8 million over Memorial Day weekend alone. Because the movie capitalizes on our real-life concerns over climate change, audiences are likely to walk out of the theater asking themselves: "Could it really happen?" We'll be there to answer that question with our flyers.

The right wing has already cranked up its PR machine to discredit the movie as "fright flick" propaganda cooked up by climate change conspiracy theorists. Never mind that they're relying on stone-age science, or that they're light-years behind the curve on the public's acceptance of global warming as a real environmental threat.

The news media are already buzzing about our plans. Yesterday, we held a press conference to officially launch the campaign, and stories have already appeared in the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times.

We can't afford to wait until the day after tomorrow to address the climate crisis. We hope you'll be part of this fun summer campaign to elevate global warming from movie-house thrill-ride to White House priority.

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Mercatus on the cost of federal regulations

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 11:29 AM

Susan Dudley at George Mason's Marcatus Center has recently put out a study on the costs of federal regulations. What Dudley argues is that the OMB approach to figuring the burdon of regulation seriously underestimates these costs because of a bias that is created in selecting the regulations that it considers. The study can be found "here".

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What's happening in Charlotte?

Posted by Chad Adams at 11:10 AM

On the heels of what had to be bad news about yet more increases in the Charlotte light-rail fiasco and the fact that both Charlotte and Mecklenburg will be increasing taxes and fees, another plot to take money away from folks is unfolding.

Not content with the usual arsenal of property tax increases and their additional 1/2 cent sales tax for transportation, officials in several counties around Charlotte are asking the legislature for the ability to add a 1% tax on all new home sales to pay for more schools.

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A movie to ignore

Posted by George Leef at 10:16 AM

Al Gore thinks that all Americans should flock to see the disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow. Enough said, but you can read about the movie's pseudo-science, non-science, and plain nonsense here.

What we need is a movie that shows the disaster that can follow from letting leftist junk science run rampant.

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Pumped up for summer debate

Posted by John Hood at 09:32 AM

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has followed through so far on his pledge not to include a tax hike in his budget plan for 2004-05. Of course, given Golden State's situation and laws, his plan would not sell here — it still includes about $2 billion in new debt to finance current operations. But it also apparently includes significant savings in areas such as education spending. Democrats are calling for a soak-the-rich tax bill to fix things. Naturally.

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Armed Slugs Pinch Spawn

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 07:36 AM

Alas, cold reality has met John's mushroom-growing Utopia:

Three in park accused of mushroom rustling

I'm pretty sure they hang mushroom rustlers in Montana.

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