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September 15, 2004

Queen of the Metrosexuals?

Posted by John Hood at 4:41 PM

Supposedly there is a “metro” America and a “retro” America — and staid, conservative old North Carolina is supposed to be found in the latter category. Only, says Jeff Taylor over at our JLF-Charlotte site, the conventional wisdom on all this breaks down when you push beyond the theory and look at what’s happening on the ground.

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Re: More progress on the crime rate

Posted by Andrew Cline at 2:54 PM

No, because banks encourage robberies by adhering to the policy that no robber should be confronted; tellers should in all cases simply hand over the money, sound the silent alarm, and let the robber escape. Most bank branches don't even have security guards any more. It's a system designed to save lives by minimizing conflict, but it also invites robberies. I'm more surprised that the robber was caught at all.

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Note to Congress--Stay out of Rathergate!

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:09 PM

Apparently Congressman Chris Cox is calling for a Congressional investigation of the document scandal at CBS. What is clear is that the media market place is dealing with this issue quite nicely. As it is in all other circumstances, the public will be served best if the Feds keep their grubby hands off.

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Irony will kill us before ozone can

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 1:45 PM

The Charlotte Observer editorial staff writes today in support of proposed restrictions for local businesses and their employees to follow to reduce ozone.

The proposal would require employers to adopt plans, tailored to fit their own needs, to reduce activities that generate certain pollutants on the hot summer days when high ozone is predicted.

A "required" plan "tailored" to their needs?

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Re: Kerry the CEO

Posted by George Leef at 1:23 PM

As I recall, the Kerry writer didn't use the word "freedom" at all. The Kerry, uh "brain trust" consists almost entirely of people who fundamentally distrust freedom and think that we get better results from government planning and control.

Kerry seems to be afraid of the media for the questions he might be asked about his Vietnam claims, but he ought to be terrified of facing any reporter with even the slightest grasp of economics.

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St. Paul, please call your office

Posted by Hal Young at 12:34 AM

The town of Marietta, Georgia, has a problem with churches and used car dealers who own less than five acres of land. The Georgia Brazilian Assembly of God, a church of less than fifty members, was told by city officials they could not build a chapel on their three-acre lot. According to the AP article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

Marietta's planning and zoning manager, Rusty Roth, said he's not sure why the church rule was enacted, but said churches aren't alone in needing minimum land space for approval. Used car dealerships, for example, have acreage minimums, he said.

The church rule "has been in our ordinance for quite some time," Roth said. "Typically churches need quite a bit of land for the ministries and amenities they offer nowadays, all the parking they need."

The church is filing suit to overturn the ordinance.

Would Marietta have a problem with the apostle Paul? His congregations in Rome, Corinth, and Laodicea met in private homes; I doubt they were on five acres, either. But maybe the early church could pass the "ministry test" for permission to use their own property.

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Additional Sand Thoughts

Posted by Chad Adams at 12:30 AM

It hasn't been mentioned here, but part of the problem with this massive waste of dollars is often caused by an additional waste of tax dollars used in dredging.

The state spends millions digging out river bottoms, like the Cape Fear, to maintain a shipping channel up to Wilmington and in the process creates an artifical river outflow.

If the river were to flow naturally the process renews the beaches by depositing sand on them. When the river is dredged and pointed straight into the ocean, that's where the sand goes,.

So, waste of money in the rivers and inlets leads to more wasted money moving sand.

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Re: Days of Our Lives

Posted by Paul Chesser at 11:28 AM

They want us to save their sand and their film set grips!

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Days of our Lives on NC's coast

Posted by Paul Chesser at 11:10 AM

"As the sands of the hourglass, so are the"...dollars out of our wallets?

The soap opera that begins with these famous words started airing on ABC in the mid 1960's - about the same time that the federal government began helping NC beach residents replace sand lost to Mother Nature and Father Time.

And with the melodrama worthy of a soap opera, Carolina Beach residents are complaining about a federal government funding withdrawal for beach renourishment projects. They are now contemplating a lawsuit to force the feds to continue paying for replacing sand on their beach to keep their - yes, their, not your, not my - property protected.

Where does the federal government get its money?

So what they are really saying is that they want the rest of us to continue subsidizing their ocean front property (on top of the massive flood insurance subsidies we already provide through FEMA).

I need some Bon Bons.

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More progress on the crime rate

Posted by John Hood at 10:53 AM

A career bank robber has been nabbed in Georgia. He has confessed to 16 bank robberies, including two in Union County.

Does that strike anyone else as a surprising number of robberies to pull off in a row without getting caught?

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Save the Film Set Grips!

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:22 AM

A Wilmington Star-News article linked at Carolina Journal today reports the devastation and hardship faced by the state's film industry:

Concern that North Carolina’s film and television industry will fade to black without government help was met Monday night with promises from state officials to create a new incentive program for the makers of movies, TV shows and commercials some time next year.

North Carolina, home to the third-largest concentration of film industry workers in the United States and the most significant studio space outside New York and Los Angeles, has seen the number and value of productions decline.

Yes, because we had a nice run of a couple of years of film production, that means there now is a permanent entitlement, funded by taxpayers, to keep the industry afloat here:

“The last four years, I’ve made most of my money out of state,” said John Sutton, a film set grip from Wilmington. “But I want to work here.”

He said his personal income is less than a third what it was two years ago because of the dearth of productions locally.

Yes, dear taxpayer, "I want to work here" is the new human right, and it is up to you to make sure No Film Set Grip is Left Behind.

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Kerry the CEO

Posted by Dr. Karen Y. Palasek at 10:22 AM

Today's OpinionJournal "My Economic Policy" is titled lke a sixth-grade essay, and reads like a Kerry speechwriter response to recent discussions on the FOXNews Beltway Boys.
Clearly, Kerry is on the defensive because virtually everyone on Wall Street perceives him as bad news for Wall Street, if not the economy in general.

But the writer who concocted the "My Economic Policy" policy for Mr. Kerry proves too much.

Even if we spot him the drop in investing and exports arguments (we shouldn't, but most people have no idea how the foreign sector and its accounts figure into U.S. economic health, so Kerry is safe on this), or the deficit argument (we should not, because it misdirects our attention regarding tax policy), the writer's strongest objections are that these trends are "troublesome and unsustainable."

Troublesome for Kerry, no doubt, because its likely he doesn't understand them himself, and cannot afford to have Americans do so. As for "unsustainable," I suggest we substitute the term "self-limiting." Market decisions, when they are out of synch with what consumers want, tend to be self-correcting. As a result, we don't consistently get too many pairs of women's red size 9 shoes, when we really need black size 5 shoes instead. Without interference from government, imbalances that arise tend to be temporary and self-limiting, That's what markets do--they find discrepancies between what is and what is wanted, and correct them (at a hefty profit, preferably).

That Camp Kerry neither likes nor trusts markets is clear, regardless of how they view the Bush record. The word "market" appears just twice in the entire op-ed, once in reference to China, and once again in reference to Canada. "Plan," then, is the watchword here. The Kerry economy is a vision of a "planned" economy.

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Interesting response to deceptive tactics

Posted by Chad Adams at 10:10 AM

Ken Eudy (the Press Association leader now full time lobbyist for Amendment One) had an interesting comment in the Charlotte Observer when asked why he had purchased all the "noamendmentone" sites.

Are sites `preventive' or a trick?

Are you opposed to Amendment One, the constitutional change on this year's N.C. ballot? Don't go to Or Or

All those sites do is lead you to, the main site sponsored by supporters of the amendment, which allows a new type of local government financing.

"It's just preventive medicine," says Ken Eudy, a pro-amendment political strategist whose firm registered the sites in the past week.

It's a trick, said Michael Joyce, a Cary Town Council member who started, which is, in fact, an opposition site.

"You tell me that breeds trust in those people?" Joyce asked. "I'd be skeptical as a voter just to support any organization that would attempt to fool the voters such as that." -- RICHARD RUBIN

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labor unions and coercion

Posted by George Leef at 10:09 AM

In this excellent article Professor Thomas DiLorenzo discusses the violent nature of labor unions. Very good reading. DiLorenzo shows that union "success" usually is short-lived and comes at the expense of other workers. The only point he omits is that federal labor law facilitates union power to forcing employers to "negotiate in good faith" with union representatives. No where else in American law is anyone forced to negotiate with another private party. If we repealed our authoritarian and (in my view) unconstitutional federal labor laws, what's left of organized labor in the private sector would quickly wither and die.

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“The Dangers of Civic Boosterism,” or “When Felt Chickens Attack”

Posted by John Hood at 09:19 AM

Suggested headlines for this story in the Richmond County Daily Journal, and more importantly, the accompanying action photo.

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Another Kerry Fumble

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:38 AM

From the Washington Post:

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 14 -- Forget soccer moms and NASCAR dads. The most important demographic in these parts transcends gender and geography -- it's Green Bay Packers fans.

Both candidates are targeting them with the ferocity of a Brett Favre bullet, but only John F. Kerry has fumbled the name of the hallowed grounds on which the Packers play, the frozen tundra of Curly Lambeau Field.

At a campaign event last month, the Democratic presidential nominee called it Lambert Field -- a slip of the tongue carried on television, in papers throughout the state and on ESPN's Web site.

That's akin to calling the Yankees the Yankers or the Chicago Bulls the Bells. This is a place where Packers jackets often outnumber sports coats in church and thousands of fans wear a big chunk of yellow foam cheese atop their head with the pride of a new parent. President Bush's warning to terrorists is apropos to the passions of Packers fans -- you are either with 'em or against 'em.

"I got some advice for him," Bush told Wisconsinites a few days after the Lambert gaffe. "If someone offers you a cheesehead, don't say you want some wine, just put it on your head and take a seat at Lambeau Field." Vice President Cheney made the obligatory pilgrimage to Green Bay last week to pile on. "I thought after John Kerry's visit here I'd visit Lambert Field," Cheney told a crowd at a Republican fundraising dinner Thursday night. Then he went in for the kill. "The next thing is he'll be convinced Vince Lombardi is a foreign leader."

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A Mighty Wind

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:14 AM

Ivan might be pro-same sex marriage.

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Which Is It Going to Be?

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:03 AM

"Compassionate conservatism"


"a sustained campaign, a tireless, relentless campaign, to deny sanctuary, to deny safe haven to terrorists who would threaten citizens anywhere in the world..."?

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