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January 16, 2011

Don't look too closely at the pro-choice spin

Posted by David N. Bass at 8:41 PM

Or else you'll notice the total duplicity.

The News & Observer's Keung Hui writes this straight-up report on presumed Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis' remarks about the pro-life cause.

Near the end, Hui quotes a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman:

Melissa Reed, vice president of public policy with Planned Parenthood Health Systems in Raleigh, said she expects that Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue will veto any legislation that restricts reproductive rights.

But before it comes to that, she said, legislators would be making a mistake to deal with abortion legislation when they have to close a projected $3.7 billion revenue shortfall this year.

"They need to be focusing on the budget and creating jobs, not social issues," Reed said.

If that's her rationale, fine. But it begs the question: What were pro-choice advocates doing in early to mid-2009 some of the worst months of the recession when pushing for the Healthy Youth Act, making comprehensive sex-ed the standard in North Carolina public schools?

How was that being focused on "the budget and creating jobs, not social issues."?

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