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August 16, 2005

Better way to regulate/monitor businesses

Posted by at 2:37 PM

An article published in the New Republic, according to a Kaiser news bulletin, expresses a common argument against the Shadegg bill 2355 which would allow individuals to shop nationwide for health insurance. 

Cohn writes. insurance "isn't just another sweater you can return to L.L. Bean if it arrives with holes in it," and residents "won't have somebody to warn them if they are about to purchase a defective policy." Cohn adds that the bill would "flood consumers with new options, overwhelming the regulators, many of whom already feel undermanned in the fight against scam artists."

That's the problem:  government regulators who attempt to protect customers from scam businesses are often behind in the paperwork and then getting the warning out to the public. But the internet shopping world has already created more efficient ways to monitor and warn customers about bad products or bad businesses. is one of serveral good choices. If allowed to sell over the internet, across state lines, insurance companies can submit themselves to such watchdog services (which they will do, because it is good business) and we can learn in real time from other policy holders whether the service is worth our premium dollars or not.



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I know some of you love your iBooks...

Posted by Paul Chesser at 2:32 PM

...but would you wet yourself for one?

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"Why are we wining and dining people with tax money?"

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 1:37 PM

A cautionary tale from Florida, where one county agency spent $4,000 to send about 90 senior citizens to a gospel show at the Disney House of Blues in Orlando. The Polk County Opportunity Council was created in 1979 with Head Start as it main mission and has grown to a $10 million operation that evidently answers to no one.

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European gas prices--what enviros have in store for NC

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 11:15 AM

Thanks to our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute up in DC for calling my attention to this little tidbit on the CNN web site. Here are some highlights of the kind of prices that they are paying for gasoline in Europe, where, thanks in large part to the influence of radical environmentalists, prices and regulations are stiff. Try these prices on for size--$4.74 in Switzerland, $5.79 in the UK and $6.48 in the Netherlands.

Are these kinds of prices out of the question for the U.S.? Not if the global warming alarmists have their way. According to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Agency, if the United States instituted the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol it would raise the price of Gasoline by 52.8 percent. At today's prices of about $2.55 a gallon, this would mean a $1.35 increase in the price. In other words, if the U.S. Senate had ratified this treaty Americans would be paying almost $4.00 a gallon. Unfortunately, even though the Bush administration has wisely rejected Kyoto, North Carolinians still may face its wrath at the gas pump. Environmental pressure groups like Environmental Defense are attempting to circumvent the Feds by getting individual states, including North Carolina, to adopt Kyoto like CO2 regulations. Unfortunately these groups have an inordinate influence on our state government. Legislation currently under consideration to establish a global warming commission for the state would be dominated by three of these alarmist groups and several individuals who have close ties with such groups--either as contributors, board members, or consultants. If you like European gas prices you love what many on this commission have in mind for North Carolina.

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Lottery Revenue Dipping

Posted by Chad Adams at 10:41 AM

Despite increasing sales, the Texas Lottery is on track to contribute $13.8 million less to the public school fund this year because of sluggish revenue from jackpot games, according to an analysis that frustrated lottery commissioners and led one to demand "decisive action" to reverse the trend

- From the Houston Chronicle - 

Did you notice the use of the word "trend"??? 

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re: blame caffeine

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 09:58 AM

I have been told that my desk looks like a web spun by a spider on drugs.

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Blame caffeine

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 09:57 AM

This would explain a lot about Roy if it were true. But I have a hunch caffeine works differently on humans than on spiders.

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Re: NCAA back to punt vs. Florida State

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 09:52 AM

Jon it seems rather obvious that this thing could turn into yet another example of an insular institution getting a painful lesson in modern communications. The NCAA cannot hide, info is too transparent today. The facts will get out, better arguments are getting out.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

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