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May 19, 2005

But meetings wouldn't be nearly as interesting

Posted by Hal Young at 6:04 PM

The Durham Herald-Sun reports that the Durham Regional Association of Realtors, like the group Concerned Citizens for Accountable Government two weeks ago, is calling for Durham County School Board members to be elected on an at-large basis by the entire county.

Fair enough. If they do that, though, they need to make school assignment policies on the same basis.

As long as students are sent to schools based on geographical location, then it is only just to provide respresentation on the governing body in a way that matches the assignment plan. Otherwise that board might as well be chosen by the State Board of Education, or appointed at random from a neighboring county, or subjected to some other non-representative oversight plan.

Any takers?

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More politics in space ...

Posted by Hal Young at 4:00 PM

James Pinkerton at Newsday says that George Lucas is looking for something with Episode III:

The politics of the "Star Wars" movies have twisted around for the past three decades, but now, in the final episode, director-creator George Lucas has made a bid for critical acclaim - even if it costs him commercial success.

But that's OK. Lucas, now in his seventh decade, has his billions. What he needs now is absolution for past sins of political incorrectness.

I dunno. I liked John's interpretation better.

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It's like...

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 3:47 PM

...banging your head against a Diego Rivera Mural.

Jenna, note printer-friendly link.




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Opinions on Global Warming

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 1:44 PM

Embedded within an article titled "American optimism stuns pollsters," there is a sentence that just bleeds from a liberal's bias:

Greenhouse gases and holes in the ozone layer don't cause much concern. The survey reveals that roughly one-third consider global warming a major problem, though this number increases among the college-educated respondents.

Why add the sly prepositional quib? Why not just come out with it: "The survey reveals that roughly one-third consider global warming a major problem, but this number only reflects the uneducated, unintelligent, and otherwise moronic portion of those polled."

Give me a break.

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No Stinkin' Distinction Needed

Posted by Paul Chesser at 1:00 PM

I understand why beauty salons might want potential customers to know that "Walk-ins are welcome," and why Petsmart would want their customers to know that their pets are allowed in their stores. They are distinguishing themselves from other similar establishments who don't allow walk-ins or animals, as the case may be.

Well, on my way to the bank at lunch I drove by a Jiffy Lube, which announced on its marquee that "Company vehicles are welcome." Are there oil change places out there that don't accept any stinkin' company vehicles?

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"Star Wars" vs. the Yankees

Posted by Paul Chesser at 12:54 AM

Time for a battle between the two Evil Empires.

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So Long Bobcats, We Hardly Knew You?

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 12:20 AM

Or example #85673 why government should not get in the sports business.

The NBA is having labor troubles that might spill over into a prolonged lock-out or strike just as the Charlotte Bobcats are due to move into their brand-new, city-built arena in the fall. Having an empty building for part of the hoops season was not part of the grand plan for uptown.

Stay tuned.

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Friendly Web Advice

Posted by Jenna Ashley Robinson at 10:54 AM

Speaking on behalf of those of us in the office with the purple, hamster-powered iMacs, I'd like to make the request that all links go to the "printer-friendly" versions of stories - it's a lot easier to open these simple, black-and-white pages than the ad-filled flash-enabled main stories.

My poor hamster suffers from exhaustion every time I read the blog.


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Ward Churchill points the way for white men to work in Ethnic Studies

Posted by Jon Sanders at 09:50 AM

Per Fox News:

In a statement on its Web site, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians said it gave Ward Churchill an "honorary associate membership" because he promised to write a tribal history. ...

The Keetoowah statement, first reported by the Rocky Mountain News, said the tribe "has no association with Churchill in any capacity whatsoever" and called his comments about the Sept. 11 victims offensive.

Here's what the Cherokees had to say:

... Mr. Churchill was never able to prove his eligibility in accordance with our membership laws, but was to be honored because of his promise to write our history, and his pledge to help and honor the UKB. To date, Churchill has done nothing in regards to his promise and pledge.

The United Keetoowah Band, a sovereign Nation, has the sole right to determine our membership and interpret our laws. The term "Indian" refers not only to an ethnic category, but it is also a political determination based on our unique relationship with the Federal Government. Mr. Churchill mocks the basic fundamental principles of Tribal Sovereignty when he consistently refers to enrollment as a "pedigree" and compares enrollment to "dogs" and "Nazi policies." Additionally, his rhetoric did not prevent him from approaching the UKB and seek a so-called "dog pedigree." ...

Obviously, Churchill (photo) has pointed the way for the White Man to get hired in by a university to head an Ethnic Studies dept. Go to a costume shop, buy yourself a Tonto wig, and make your petition thus:

"Greetings, He Who Suffers White
Liberal Guilt. Me authentic Indian
man. Me want-um
*giggle* Ethnic
Studies job. Heap big wampum, too."

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How Do You Kill the Dead Sea?

Posted by Paul Chesser at 09:13 AM

By draining its source, of course.

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Politics in Space

Posted by Hal Young at 09:00 AM

John Hood explains today in Carolina Journal Online that while Star Wars is basically capitalist/conservative in its underlying politico-economic philosophy, Star Trek is weepy liberal-weenie. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, WPTF's Lisa Price reports this morning that this week's opening of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is expected to cost employers $627 million in lost productivity as workers tip-toe out for daytime matinees.

This must be the Dark Side of the [Work] Force.

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Re: Pepsi quandry

Posted by Donna Martinez at 08:54 AM

Jon, Ms. Nooyi's swipe at American foreign policy was clear and she certainly is free to use her "middle finger" analogy anywhere and anytime she chooses. What's wonderful about America is that I, too, am free to use my fingers as I see fit. Now that I've read her remarks, my fingers, clutching a $5 bill, will dance right over to a 12-pack of Coke on my next shopping trip.

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If you’re going to stick ’em, then really stick ’em

Posted by John Hood at 08:52 AM

That appears to be the sentiment of Parks Helms, former state senator and current chairman of the Mecklenburg County commission, who said yesterday that the proposed property-tax increase in the state’s most-populous county may well be too low:

“If you are already at an 8.2-cent tax increase, once you get to that point, if you need another ($10 million or $12 million) or $15 million to really do what you ought to do, then do it,” Helms said. “People are not going to be any more (upset).”

The point is that it would be nearly impossible to give folks like Helms enough of other people’s money to satisfy the appetite for bigger government.

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Imagine the Possibilities

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:35 AM

OK, gang, you've just been given $1.5 million in pork money to build a bus stop in Alaska. How would you accessorize?

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