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July 20, 2005


Posted by at 7:49 PM

New lessons in the Economics of Alcohol and Alcoholic beverage consumption, courtesy of The Onion’s article Alcoholic-Beverage-Consumer Confidence Skyrockets.

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Classic Good Idea, Bad Idea

Posted by at 4:45 PM

In the Op-Ed section of the Wall Street Journal there was a column praising John McCain and Ted Kennedy's joint effort to improve the situation of illegal immigration in the U.S.  But, the praise seems rather contradictory to me.  I'm sure you'll agree with me if you think it's rather absurd to praise an idea that has both good and bad components to it.

Good idea:

Senators McCain and Kennedy aim to lower the level of illegal immigration by expanding out relatively few channels for legal entry to meet the demand.

Bad idea (also taken from the same Op-Ed, no less!)

But the measure's guest-worker initiative (which, as we all know, concerns the majority of all illegal immigrants to the U.S.) which would allow undocumented migrants already here to work legally if they first pay sizabel fines and undergo criminal background checks . . . .

Translation: We think it's a good idea to make it easier to enter legally, but we're going to make it more cumbersome to be a legal worker. 

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re: You Can't Handle the Paperwork!

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As I recall the State also decided to tell home schools to keep their annual standardized tests at home because they couldn't handle the paperwork. Also, I believe, they couldn't handle the reports that resulted from public access to these tests showing the home schools so far out ahead of the government schools. Likewise if they don't want lobbying information public they can just lift the paperwork burdens.

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Medicaid as an asset rather than an expense?

Posted by at 4:15 PM

I'd like any economists on hand to chime in here.

A central paragraph in the link below says:

"But it’s not just Medicaid costs that put states in a revenue bind. So do program cuts. There’s a fiscal return on states’ health care spending. Money put out to pay for physician visits, hospital or nursing home stays, prescription drugs and various therapies that Medicaid patients require is cash that creates jobs — jobs that help support a state’s economy."

If Medicaid is really an asset to overall State economy, and not an "expense", should we join hands with government and willfully add more clients to its rolls?

Please wake me from this nightmare.


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Separated at birth?

Posted by Jon Ham at 4:05 PM

Rush Limbaugh commented today on the resemblance of Sen. Richard Burr (top) to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts (bottom). You be the judge.

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That's gotta hurt

Posted by Jon Ham at 09:53 AM

According to Drudge, the New York City April-June talk radio ratings book is mucho bad news for Al Franken and Air America. Franken's at the bottom, below even Michael Savage. In Manahattan! Here are the numbers:

HANNITY 99,100
O'REILLY 72,700
SAVAGE 61,900

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“Leggo my Kelo”

Posted by John Hood at 09:12 AM

Great exchange of letters over at National Review Online between two friends of JLF: Scott Bullock of the Institute for Justice and Jonathan Adler of the Case Western Reserve law school. They are debating the constitutional basis of the Kelo decision.

Also a great title, though it requires a slight mispronunciation to make the gag work.

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Of course, it can’t possibly be the music

Posted by John Hood at 08:35 AM

I am quite familiar with the venerable tradition of the “Battle of the Bands,” but this is ridiculous:

SANFORD - A night of live music turned violent Saturday when four members of a Fayetteville-based rap group were shot at by members of a rival band, according to city police.

Naturally, the fact that the musical genre in question tends to glorify prison wardrobe, gang life, and violence has absolutely nothing to do with this.

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Linda Chavez on the malaise of Big Labor

Posted by George Leef at 08:35 AM

The AFL-CIO is about to hold its annual convention and the big question is whether the rift between those union bosses who want to keep pouring money into politics and those who want to concentrate more on "organizing" workers could lead to a secessionist movement. Boo hoo.

Linda Chavez writes about this in her Townhall column.

She advocates legislation that would allow unionized workers the freedom to decide whether they want to contribute money to union political campaigns. Workers should have that freedom, but I think it is best accomplished through more radical legislative action, such as getting rid of the authoritarian, collectivist provision of the National Labor Relations Act that gives a victorious union exclusive representation over all workers in the bargaining unit. That relic of the New Deal should be scrapped, as should the mandatory bargaining provision. A business should no more be forced to bargain with a union than you should be forced to bargain with an insurance salesman.

The ideal legislative fix is to repeal the NLRA entirely. There is no justification for federalizing labor relations law.

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You Can't Handle the Paperwork!

Posted by Paul Chesser at 07:35 AM

The News & Observer reports that lobbyists are complaining that they shouldn't have to file monthly expenditure reports, as proposed in a new bill, because "the state can't handle the limited paperwork that is already required."

They can't handle two reports a year," said Christie Barbee, president of the N.C. Professional Lobbyists Association. "How are they going to handle monthly reports?"

Let's apply that logic to other governmental responsibilities.

The State Highway Patrol doesn't have enough resources to enforce truck weight limits, so let's do away with the weight limits!

The state can't scrutinize all the annual reports from nonprofits that it gives money to, so let's scrap the nonprofit reporting!

The University of North Carolina at Cuts Hurt...oh, nevermind.

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