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April 21, 2005

Re: Construction of Semaphores

Posted by Paul Chesser at 1:27 PM

Drew, very impressive! However, maybe not quite as impressive as the rationale for the causality of these purposeful public grants.

"Connecting planning and implementation efforts," and "distinctive work and agricultural traditions over generations that shape distinctive sites with tourist appeal" -- indeed!

And don't forget the "Virtual Incubator Platform!"

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Construction of Semaphores

Posted by Andrew Cline at 12:01 AM

My randomly generated academic paper can be read here.

It's a good-un. Any paper that contains the sentence "Now for the climactic analysis of all four experiments" has to be good.

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Greatest academic prank ever

Posted by Andrew Cline at 11:35 AM

Creating a program to randomly generate nonsensical "academic" papers, submitting one of said papers to an academic conference, and having it accepted, as three MIT students did, beats the heck out of assembling a VW in your room.

What better way to expose the silliness of today's academic climate?

You can generate your own random paper at the students' Web site here.

MIT was so proud of the prank that it out a press release about it.

Oh, if only the boys of Delta House had access to such technology.

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Life in scare quotes

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 08:40 AM

The "newspaper" called the New York Times believes that abortion is not about life as we know it, but the more dubious cause of "life." 

Pope May Color Debate in U.S. Over 'Life' Issues Like Abortion

There are many actual ironies in the reporting, but they require understanding instead of scare quotes.

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