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July 22, 2005

A Great Pair of Bumper Stickers

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:07 PM

While in the parking lot over at the Harris Teeter I saw two bumper stickers next to each other on the same car that combined accurately reflects precisely how confused the left is.

The first was the familiar "No Justice, No Peace Know Justice, Know Peace."

The second, right next to it said, "We Believe in Nothing."

My first thought was, do you really believe in that?

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Adding some weight to the subject

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 1:50 PM

Doing some blog work for Joe.
Check out this Tech Central Station article entitled Better to Die Young Than Get Fat. For some quick catching up, check out the previous blogs.

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Newt Gingrich & Hillary Clinton agree re: " Voucherize Medicaid "

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 10:45 AM

Shall we be hopeful or hoodwinked?

One comment from the Health Benefits Reform forum is that Newt could share the ticket with Hillary in 2008

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Congressman fulfilling constitutional duty

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:27 AM

Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts wants to make "everyone feel sunnier."

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More John Roberts fashion critiques

Posted by Jon Ham at 10:15 AM

The Washington Post's obnoxious fashion cop, Robin Givhan, in a variant of the tired "June Cleaver" critique the left has used for years, vents about the dress of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts and family during their White House presentation the other night. She says Roberts' family looked like Necco wafers in their pastels, adding that this attire wasn't just inappropriate, it was old-fashioned.But while she seems unhappy that his kids didn't show up wearing tank tops and droopy drawers, she says the members of the national champion Northwestern women's lacrosse team who wore flip-flops during a White House visit last week crossed the line. Consistency has never been the left's strong suit. 

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Straight men don't wear plaid

Posted by Jon Ham at 08:23 AM

In 1974 when I was working for the Alabama Senate Education Committee I actually owned and wore occasionally a plaid suit. Hey, I'm not proud of it, but it was the '70s. And I wasn't the only one in the Capitol dressed that way.  As I recall, among the white belts and shoes and the lime-green leisure suits, plaid was the least of the sartorial crimes.

Well, little did we all know what we were broadcasting subliminally. According the the lefty bloggers, who have found a photo of a plaid-pants wearing Supreme Court nominee John Roberts from his high school days, plaid pants mean he's gay. I'm not making this up. Blogger Charmaine Yoest has the details

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Let's stop the village massacres first...

Posted by Paul Chesser at 07:45 AM

...then we can address that "freedom of the press" thing.

OK, Andrea?

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You know our other border, up North?

Posted by Paul Chesser at 07:30 AM

There's funny stuff going on up there, too.

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