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August 23, 2004

Re: Letís Can the Hypersensitivity

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 3:55 PM

By way of perspective, here's the official Suspicious Activity Reporting Criteria for Infrastructure Owners and Operators issued by the FBI and Homeland Security just days after the incident in Charlotte.

It advises:

ē Report any persons showing uncommon interest in critical infrastructure/key resource facilities, networks, or systems (e.g. photographing or videotaping assets).

And what constitutes "critical infrastructure/key resource facilities?" Banking and finance centers and government facilities are a couple.

Note these are directives meant for building operators, basically the general public.

So it does not seem totally wacky for a police officer to approach an asset-recording individual, notice some evasive behavior, and attempt to follow-up by establishing a videographer's identity and background. Of course, the manner of this police interaction is the crucial bit. It can be done clumsily and rudely or professionally and respectfully.

All indications are the incident in Charlotte involved a particularly observant and dedicated officer who did, in fact, uncover evidence of immigration law violations.

If there is upset with this state of affairs, the cause must be the law itself and not its application.

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Enough Runoff Distractions

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 3:36 PM

Back to the real news - Bubble Trouble: Heavy Rains Churn Sudsy Swell.

Dare ya not to look....

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Letís Can the Hypersensitivity

Posted by John Hood at 10:44 AM

Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory got into some PR hot water last week when, reacting to the arrest of a Pakistani immigrant taking pictures of Charlotte skyscrapers, he suggested that among the suspicious things the public might watch for is someone "dressed in layers." Immediately, some hotheads jumped to the conclusion that McCrory was talking about traditional Middle-Eastern or Asian dress, and thus exhibiting a sort of cultural bias.

Totally unfair to Pat. Obviously, wearing robes or turbans can't serve as an identifier for dangerous terrorists: how many 9/11 hijackers were wearing such distinguishing garb? What he was really talking about was someone wearing, say, an overcoat in August. That might well be grounds for suspicion, at least coupled with other noticeable cues or behaviors, as it could be covering up a weapon or bomb.

The kind of hypersensitivity that Pat elicited does no one any good.

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Money, War, Politics, and Nothing About Mesopotamia

Posted by Dr. Karen Y. Palasek at 09:39 AM

Some interesting articles today by John Fund and Ed. Koch. Though they don't have the all-encompassing benefit of oriental philosophy, snakes, or TV history, they offer some interesting perspectives nonetheless.
Come to think of it, Ed. Koch did make some pretty memorable appearances on SNL.

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