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October 25, 2008

Another hoaxed political assault

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:47 AM

Maybe it's only during an election year that Republicans do this sort of thing (generally the purview of the hyperpolitical Left), I don't know, but that woman who faked being mugged and then, when her supposed mugger (a black guy!) saw her McCain bumper sticker, carved "B" in her face — well, she made the same elementary mistake that other carving hoaxers have made: wrote the letter backwards.

One advantage of when Republicans fake a political crime is the media are more inclined to follow up and report that it was a hoax. Otherwise, they'll just let the story die away (remember the cross burnings in Durham?).

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Latest dispatches from the political trail

Posted by John Hood at 09:35 AM

• Pat McCrory and Beverly Perdue disagree about the issue of the statewide cap on charter schools. Perdue accuses McCrory of wanting to create NC jobs by accepting solid waste from Northern states. In Durham, she repeats her charge that McCrory favors a $900 million voucher plan. A McCrory spokesman points out that the allegation was disproven weeks ago. Perdue denies that her messages about Charlotte — favorable while speaking there but critical in advertising broadcast elsewhere — are contradictory. For her part, she questions the veracity of a Republican Governors Association mailing in Charlotte on immigration. A new Rasmussen Reports survey gives McCrory 51%, Perdue 47%, Munger 1%, with 1% undecided. PBS profiles the gubernatorial race.

• McCrory and Elizabeth Dole criticize the absence of their Democratic counterparts at a candidates forum in Wilmington.

• Dole announces the start of an “Elizabus” tour in the final week of the campaign. WRAL profiles Dole and discusses her governmental service. Newsweek criticizes an ad claiming Dole voted against body armor. Kay Hagan visits a hog farm in Harnett County to spotlight rural issues. Turnout among black voters may determine the outcome.

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