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July 26, 2004

More evidence of successful propaganda

Posted by John Hood at 10:18 AM

I wrote my “Daily Journal” column today about how the term “epicurean” has take on a meaning in modern usage entirely different from the teachings of the man being referred to, Epicurus, and that this represented an astonishingly successful use of propaganda.

Then I read in the Shelby newspaper about a real-estate property on the market there called the Epicurean. Yep, you guessed it — used to be a gourmet shop.

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Re: A Genuine Manny Ortez Fan II

Posted by Donna Martinez at 09:34 AM

At least Sen. Kerry was civil in his encounter, unlike his surly wife was Sunday night when she was asked a tough question by a reporter.

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A Genuine Manny Ortez Fan II

Posted by Paul Chesser at 09:18 AM

A day before the Democratic National Convention begins in Boston, presumptive presidential nominee John Kerry visited Fenway Park last night for the Red Sox/Yankees game. The weekend's series was an especially intense chapter in the long-running rivalry.

But in keeping with his reputation as a genuine Sox and "Manny Ortez" fan, the Boston Globe reported that Kerry had another priority in mind when he came to meet the team.

Presidential candidate John Kerry visited the Sox clubhouse before the game. His first order of business? "Where's the men's room in here?"

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