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May 27, 2004

We haven't done a "Separated at Birth?" post lately

Posted by Jon Sanders at 5:30 PM

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Re: Fantasia-stic!

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:55 PM

In late breaking news today, the Red-Headed League has issued a press release declaring the voting for American Idol "incredibly racist."

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Re: Remembering Saddam

Posted by Paul Chesser at 12:16 AM

While researching something else, I came across this "Bushism" on, which I assume is legit. Apparently they archive unique phraseology of the president:

"I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein."—Washington, D.C., May 25, 2004

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Re: Remembering Saddam

Posted by Donna Martinez at 11:47 AM

In addition to remembering the horror of Saddam and why we fight, we should be proud of the daily progress in that country. Take, for example, today's Q&A by Demorris Lee in the Raleigh News & Observer, with Sgt. Malcolm Bennett, an x-ray technician with the North Carolina National Guard's 30th Heavy Separate Brigade. Sgt. Bennett is deployed in Iraq at a 40-bed medical facility. In part, the Q&A reads as follows:

Question from Lee: Did you have any idea what you were getting into before you left?

Answer from Sgt. Bennett: I really didn't understand the mission until we got here. We are doing a great service. The families and kids love to see you. They give you the thumbs-up. We are giving the people a new life. When you ride through town, you get the feeling that you are doing a good service....We are giving [Iraqis] a chance that we have in the States. We take so much for granted. Here, houses don't have doors or windows. Kids don't have shoes or socks, and that's all they know.

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Re: Remembering Saddam

Posted by Paul Chesser at 11:38 AM

Just received a message from blog reader Mary Katherine Ham, who edits the Heritage Foundation's "Insider" newsletter:

I was just reading y'all's (I guess she knows our lingo!) blog and thought I'd tell you about (our) link to the Remembering Saddam documentary. The seven men came to Heritage yesterday and you can watch the whole thing online. Very good, and you certainly won't hear much about it in the press or see the pics on TV. I enjoy your blog. Have a good day.

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Re: Gore

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:45 AM

In a sign that even the big lefty newspapers are tiring of AlGore's schtick, The Washington Post buries its report on his MoveOn speech deep down its home webpage, and the New York Times places it nowhere on its homepage. Not too long ago that wouldn't have been the case.

If the perceived mainstream lefty-media doesn't care to give Gore the time of day, maybe we shouldn't either. But of course that wouldn't serve the purposes of conservatives, would it?

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No, Really, He's Going to Do It

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:24 AM

Do you believe this will happen? Neither do I.

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Another Murderous Homeschooling Bastard

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:22 AM

Great -- they found another kook in the homeschooling movement. Just what we need to improve our image.

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Gore's execrable speech

Posted by Jon Sanders at 10:10 AM

I'm sure most of you have caught wind of this, and I don't care to comment about it. Res ipsa oleretur — the thing stinks for itself. (Although apparently not to the equally execrable audience enthusiastically cheering him on.)

I did think, however, that Bugs Bunny would have had a pithy comment about it.

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Stopping Short

Posted by Paul Chesser at 10:02 AM

Brendan Miniter on today convincingly argues that George H.W. Bush was right to stop short of removing Saddam in the first Gulf War. He writes in part:

Republicans didn't control Congress at the time of the Gulf War, so the erosion of what little Democratic support there was would have doomed the war effort. Last week the House approved a defense bill north of $400 billion. Would a Democratic Congress have been willing to appropriate such a large sum to fight insurgents and rebuild Iraq in the run-up to the 1992 presidential election, at a time when the nation hadn't been steeled by a terrorist attack on our own soil?

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Remembering Saddam

Posted by Paul Chesser at 09:31 AM

Although the title sounds like a fond ode, the documentary "Remembering Saddam" was screened for the first time yesterday for an audience that included seven men whose right hands were amputated by the dictator.

The story serves to imprint a reminder of Saddam's evil and provide a reason for why we fight, but apparently also inspires as the seven men received prosthetic hands through the help of a Houston plastic surgeon.

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Blazing the trail of city finance

Posted by John Hood at 08:42 AM

I’m no fan of Charlotte’s plans for light-rail transit, but I guess I’d have to share Mayor Pat McCrory exasperation at a proposal to shift money from rail-station improvements to, well, let’s call it a lower-priority item. Here’s how The Charlotte Observer described the exchange at a city council meeting Wednesday about. . .

. . . cutting $6.8 million from the $50 million South Corridor Infrastructure Program, which would put sidewalks, roads and other improvements around the new light-rail line.

Democrat Nancy Carter suggested diverting this money to other roads or arts projects. That irritated Mayor Pat McCrory, who said the move would undercut the success of the transit system by limiting residents' access to the rail stations.

"You're cutting infrastructure," said McCrory, a Republican. "We've got dirt paths, dirt paths along South Boulevard and Archdale (Drive). How can you have dirt paths, the same paths the settlers and Indians used? And then I hear you want to transfer it to the arts. That just blows my mind."

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Can you pin the tail on the donkey?

Posted by John Hood at 08:32 AM

From today’s Washington Times comes this telling story about budget struggles in Virginia and the inability, there or elsewhere, to use party affiliation necessarily to predict views on issues:

A key Republican state senator says Virginia needs more new taxes despite the improving economy, but the state's Democratic governor said more tax increases aren't necessary.

Both Gov. Mark Warner and Senate Republicans favored tax increases earlier in the year and, eventually, more fiscally conservative House Republicans caved. Here’s the irony of it all:

The legislature passed a record $1.38 billion tax-increase last month. This month, the state Finance Department said that the economy is rebounding and that by June 30, the end of the state's fiscal year, there could be a budget surplus of about $300 million.

[The aforementioned senator] championed a much larger tax-increase package — about $4 billion — during the legislative session, but ultimately supported the compromise plan that raised the state sales, cigarette and real-estate taxes.

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