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September 27, 2005

Hurricane Rita — devastating to oil rigs

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:50 PM

Perhaps this news explains the upward movement in crude oil and gasoline futures today.

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Wow. Best conspiracy theory ever.

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:17 PM

Thank goodness UNC-Chapel Hill forces us to support this "news" site and then notifies all kinds of crackpots who wouldn't otherwise find publication (for obvious reasons) that they have their own publically supported forum. Evil Corporate Media wouldn't let the "truth" out on this story, ah gerr-ron-tee!

This thing reads like a Who's Who of conspiratorial actors, with nearly everyone save Elvis Presley (sorry, Joe) making a cameo appearance. A snippet:

This is a citizen's report on the circumstances surrounding new evidence being found in John Lennon's murder during an investigation into the origin of the AIDS epidemic. This material was found in Pittsburgh, in a Jewish Holocaust Survivor community ... The tragedy of this crime is described in the following pages, extracts of testimony, focusing on the accomplice role of Paul McCartney, Bill Clinton and Ringo Starr. It is my belief that the evidence, which was planted on my home at a time when I was tortured as a child, was written by Reagan, Bush and Schwarzenegger. This accounts for the cruelty, and deranged false witness program by the U.S. Government, led by Oliver Stone ...

And he's just getting started.

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More cogent advice from UNC-Gasm

Posted by Jon Sanders at 1:43 PM

From UNC-Greensboro's official student publication, the Carolinian, proud publisher of several useful articles recently, comes more helpful advice: "Stressed? Depressed? M___" (guess).

“Mommy, I got a column at my university newspaper!”
“That’s wonderful, dear! May I read it?”

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Re: The crux of the matter

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 1:42 PM

How long until those "well-deserved darts" get aimed at Iraq coverage? 

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Anorexic African-Americans

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 1:38 PM

More casualties in the war on obesity. Black, Asian and Hispanic women are not "somehow immune" to anorexia and bulimia. Repeat after me:

Overweight is a cosmetic issue; eating disorders are a health issue.

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This just cracked me up

Posted by Jon Ham at 1:15 PM

John Podhoretz on The Corner says in a post about Habitat for Humanity:

[T]he only truly acceptable form of house construction is barn-raising of the sort we saw in "Witness" and — as danced by members of the New York City Ballet — "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." In these cases, high spirits alone caused pieces of wood to fuse miraculously due to the communal love shown by all.

He's right, you know. Unless Russ Tamblyn and Alexander Godunov are involved in the construction, rather than this person, just how sturdy can it be?

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Re: the crux

Posted by Hal Young at 12:50 AM

Jon, I used to live just north of Baton Rouge, and for me the defining moment of Louisiana politics was when the $1000 checks from the gambling interests were handed out on the floor of the Legislature. This was while Louisiana government was deciding the disposition of riverboard casinos v. a land-based operation (they decided for both), in spite of a constitutional prohibition on gambling.

I predict we'll have some of the same people in town in about five or ten years or so, after the smaller-than-promoted lottery revenues are wholly consumed by waste, fraud, or misallocation.

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The crux of the matter

Posted by Jon Ham at 12:36 AM

Former FEMA chief Michael Brown had this to say today to a congressional committee:

My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional.

He's sure to catch holy heck about that, but does anyone doubt it's true? Read All The King's Men or T. Harry Williams' biography of Huey Long in case you're one who does.

It has always been my contention that the critical variable in the Katrina aftermath debacle was the total incompetence of the local and state officials. Their dysfunctionality was so egregious that it could not be imagined in advance. Some federal mistakes may have been made, but they all flowed from the Louisiana incompetence.

And, to make things even better, the media are now taking well-deserved darts for the incredibly biased and hyped manner in which they covered the storm.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg feels much the same way.

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Burger King, the NCAE way

Posted by Jon Ham at 11:28 AM

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) has taken a stand against HB 706, a bill that supplies reciprocity in licensing for any out-of-state teacher who is deemed "highly qualified" under NCLB. They reason that North Carolina's teaching standards are higher than NCLB, and adopting NCLB standards for out-of-state teachers would lower the quality of education in NC. That could be true, I don't know.

But, last year when the NCAE was lobbying against NCLB teaching standards, they said they were far too high, and would make the teaching shortage in the state even worse.

Do you think NCAE wants education to improve in NC, or do you think they want to have it their way, no matter what the issue is?

Hat tip:
The Education Intelligence Agency

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Republican Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 11:17 AM

Last week, our erudite Paul Messino asked how Katrina spending could fit with Republican fiscal responsibility. Deroy Murdock at NRO has caught up to Paul -- and so has Nancy Pelosi.

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A calm head

Posted by Dr. Karen Y. Palasek at 11:16 AM

Bush's remarks address demand (and made the headline here), but this article is mainly a reminder that heating oil, gasoline, and natural gas problems --even absent terrific hurricanes--are supply issues. Encouraging consumers to slack off demand is good PR, but unlikely to matter much in the market, especially now that the summer "driving season" is over.

As our Shaftesbury luncheon guest Ed Erickson pointed out in his talk yesterday, there is a better understanding now than there was in the 1970's that pricing is key, that letting markets work things out over time is also key, and that conservation cannot be the sole or most important solution. This reiterates the point that Prof. Erickson made concerning the positive effect of growing worldwide demand. Together with worldwide supply flexibility, there are plenty of market forces at work, if regulations do not choke off the opportunities, to deliver adequate fossil fuel supplies in the U.S and elsewhere.

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Re: Moscow NYT

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:09 AM

Yes, Jon, and ochen 'khorosho'; in the past the Times would've caught such an error — especially back during the days of Pulitzer laureate Walter "Useful Idiot" Duranty. Now, however, Times copy editors are too busy fastidiously scrutinizing nips at Fox News correspondents to worry about finer details.

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Re: Moscow NYT story

Posted by Jon Ham at 10:27 AM

You'd think that with the amassed intellect and worldliness at The New York Times that they could correctly transliterate the street name in the apartment story Nancy mentioned below. It should be Stanislavskovo, not Stanislaskogo. The gamma in the original Russian makes it look, in Cyrillic, like Stanislavskogo, but the "g" in this case is pronounced as a "v". There was a time at The Times when the copy editors on 43rd Street would not have made this mistake.

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The GOP mayor candidate is a con man

Posted by Jon Ham at 09:58 AM

Durham politics:  what's good is bad and what's bad is good 

It is possible in Durham after this "endorsement"/"indictment"  in the N&O, he might actually get elected.

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Car Insurance

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 09:00 AM

Can someone tell me why we even have an Insurance Commissioner or a Rate Bureau?

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The next victim of the trial lawyers?

Posted by George Leef at 08:37 AM

One might have thought that after their feeding frenzy on tobacco, the trial lawyers would be satiated for a while, but they're not. Now they're after one of the country's most successful consumer products companies -- DuPont. As Doug Bandow explains in this column, teflon might be harmful, so the company should have to provide new cookware to replace it and of course cough up a few billion in damages to reward the lawyers for all the time they have put into this public spirited lawsuit.

This ought to be good for some new lawyer jokes, at least.

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Private development & eminent domain in Moscow

Posted by George Leef at 08:11 AM

Interesting story of property development and private property in Moscow. 

"On the streets outside, an aggressive new Moscow is closing in, led by well-connected developers who are devouring old buildings like the one that houses Stanislavskogo 2, using force and arson if payoffs and legal sleight of hand fail them. " 

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NYT skewed for Wake County story

Posted by Jon Ham at 07:23 AM

The Daily Howler skews the New York Times for its feel-good story on Sunday about Wake County's "education miracle." Turns out it's only a little bit more miraculous than the whole state. The News & Observer gets a bit of a whack too for its follow story.

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