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October 28, 2004

Re: German newspaper endorses GWB

Posted by Hal Young at 9:21 PM

Here's a rough translation of the BILD endorsement of President Bush. (Revisions are welcome!) There are a couple of interesting points coming from the European perspective.
Why George W Bush is the better president By Hugo Mueller-Vogg In six days, on November 2, America has the choice: George W. Bush or John Kerry? Here, BILD author Hugo Mueller Vogg names ten reasons why it would be better for Germany, the world, and America if George W. Bush remains president. 1. Bush’s priorities are clear. He sees the contempt of Islamic fundamentalism toward humanity and its murderous Mullahs as the greatest danger for the western world. 2. Bush has learned the lessons of history. Good words are no help against fanatics ready for violence, only military strength. For him – though otherwise for Kerry – there is no “Wackeln” (waffling? wobbling?) 3. Under Bush, the USA as a superpower has carried the main burden in the Islamic fanatics’ declared “Holy War” – militarily, financially, and in blood. 4. Apart from the War on Terror and the terrorists, a re-elected Bush will do everything to prevent the development of new atomic powers. That applies in particular to the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea. 5. Bush has learned that American can militarily defeat every country but can’t make peace single-handedly. Therefore international cooperation will be strengthened in a second term of office. But he will not make America dependent on the the coordination of Syria or Libya in the UN. 6. Bush knows that Europe and Germany do not have the military capability to engage themselves considerably beyond their current international missions. Therefore he will not call for this contribution. Kerry however would do exactly that – and the damaged German-American relations will be burdened further. 7. Under Bush, America will remain a reliable partner of Israel in its fight for survival. This must be laid out plainly for us Germans. 8. The Republicans were always ever more decided proponents of free world trade than the Democrats. That applies also to Bush compared with Kerry. And that is good for the export nation Germany. 9. Every new American government makes mistakes; Bush has already made his. Kerry however has never held an executive post. He would be ill-prepared as few presidents before him. 10. With Bush we know what we should expect. Nobody knows where John Kerry stands and where he wants to lead America and the world. By the way – there was already once a U.S. president whom most Germans held as a dunce. His name: Ronald Reagan. We owe the end of the Cold War and the Reunification to him. It is quite possible that we also will be thankful to George W. Bush one day.

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Re: October Surprise

Posted by John Hood at 8:07 PM

I continue to believe that the media/Kerry campaign late hit on the supposedly missing 380 tons of explosives is going to backfire on them. First, it simply shifts the focus of the electorate away from domestic issues, where Kerry still holds an advantage over Bush, to foreign and defense affairs, where Bush holds the edge.

Second, there seems to be some doubt about the basic facts of the case, including whether the tonnage comes to 380 or just 3.

And third, both The Financial Times and The Washington Times reported today that the Hussein regime, apparently with significant help from a detail of Russians, trucked a bunch of weaponry from the site -- including chemical-weapons precursors -- into Syria before the invasion.

This looks more like a tar baby for the Left than anything else. Never mind, never mind, now about Christopher Reeve. . .

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Just Great, a Tie.

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 5:10 PM

Can't believe what my electoral map monkey work turned out, my worst nightmare.

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The legend is true

Posted by Andrew Cline at 4:22 PM

So, did you hear what happened in Massachusetts after the Red Sox won the World Series?

The whole state froze over.

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Eve Ensler discovers navel-gazing

Posted by Jon Sanders at 3:20 PM

The latest V-Day announcement contains a discussion of Eve Ensler's latest play, "The Good Body," and an accompanying "Love Your Tree" project. The press release being curiously short on details as to the latter, I went to Google and this is what I found. Basically, what I thought sounded like a literal exercise in "tree-hugging" ended up being a literal exercise in navel-gazing. Here are a few snippets:

In the midst of a war in Iraq, in a time of escalating global terrorism, when civil liberties are disappearing as fast as the ozone layer, when one woman out of three in the world will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, why write a play about my stomach? ...

It's pure coincidence that she strikes on a similar theme to the writers at Duke and N.C. State. I also like this:

I have been in a dialogue with my stomach for the past three years. I have entered my belly — the dark wet underworld — to get at the secrets there. ...

Here's an excerpt from her new play, which goes to explain the "Love Your Tree" project:

It’s your stomach. It’s meant to be seen. You Westerners, what are you doing? You are getting even starving girls to give up food. Eve, look at that tree? Do you see that tree? Now look at that tree. (She points to another tree.) Do you like that tree? Do you hate that tree because it doesn’t look like that tree? Do you say that tree isn’t pretty because it doesn’t look like that tree? We’re all trees. You’re a tree. I’m a tree. You ’ve got to love your body, Eve. You’ve got to love your tree.

Love my tree. Turns out I’m a tree. Love my tree. I’m all tree. My partner’s been worried and he surprises me in Africa. We spend the night in a hut in a netted bed in a safari park. The sound of wild hyenas in the dark. I’m all tree. I’m all naked, dancing tree. I’m all tree inside me. I’m all . . .

No, lady, you are out of your tree.

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Remember the Bush halo photos?

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:52 PM

Those were cleverly framed photos to make Bush appear to have a nimbus. Here's a few examples:

Well, the Democrats have their own, somewhat more explicit version (this is from John Kerry's campaign web site):

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Sign snatcher caught red handed. No, make that blue.

Posted by Hal Young at 2:38 PM

I wish I could say it was my video, but never mind. Principle's the thing. Nice job, fellow citizens.

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Re: How 380 tons' worth of weapons were "looted"

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:31 PM

Here's my chief suspect demonstrating his superior looting skills in casually stealing this chair:

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Re: How 380 tons...

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:20 PM

Hey Sandy, is that a missle in your pocket or are you...?

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How 380 tons' worth of weapons were "looted"

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:13 PM

My theory: Sandy Berger just walked right out with them stuffed down his pants.

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The Al Sharpton look. . .

Posted by Andrew Cline at 1:55 PM

hits the Middle East:

CAPTION: Yasser Arafat lives long enough to see his beloved Red Sox win the World Series.

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Re: October surprise

Posted by Andrew Cline at 12:17 AM

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Is it rape-scare day in the Triangle? Here's one from Duke

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:59 AM

From today's Duke Chronicle:

We all know the statistics by heart: one in four women and one in 10 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. These numbers don’t mean much anymore. We’ve heard them so often that we’ve almost become numb to the reality behind such grim numbers; we keep on thinking “that won’t happen to me. ...

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More rape-scare stats on campus

Posted by Jon Sanders at 10:55 AM

This is from N.C. State:

Larry Gourdine, violence prevention educator from Student Health Services, spent time in the Brickyard Tuesday, handing out information and talking to students about rape and violence awareness.

Gourdine just began working at NCSU in April and is excited to be involved with Take Back the Night this year.

"It is my job to get out there with the students and to help them learn about violence and ways to help protect themselves and others," Gourdine said.

"Many students do not realize that statistics show 77 percent of men and 55 percent of women being involved in a rape case with an acquaintance, someone they know," he said. "The influence of alcohol is what nearly always puts people in these dangerous situations."

Rape statistics are available and easily accessed by the public. Although this information is easily obtained, both men and women do not take into account how close they may be to the subject.

According to Gourdine, one out of four women will be a victim of rape or an attempted rape in their lifetime. While this statistic only involves women, men are also getting involved in the fight to stop rape and educate others on the topic.

I've discussed the faulty "one in four" statistic before, but I'll note that this time it's "rape or attempted rape" — usually it's rape or sexual assault, with sexual assault defined so broadly as to inflate the statistic (which is why those studies show large numbers of "victims" not even aware they had been "assaulted").

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Political Bohemian Rhapsody

Posted by Jenna Ashley Robinson at 09:58 AM

Click here for a hilarious rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, starring George Bush, John Kerry and their co-stars.

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German newspaper endorses Bush as "less wobbly"

Posted by Hal Young at 09:21 AM

In a surprising move, the German newspaper Bild has endorsed George Bush for president, with the remarkable praise, "Most Germans regarded Reagan as a complete fool. It's possible that one day we could be grateful to George W as well." (Quoted today in CNS News)

The German language edition can be read at Bild-Online. I'll take a shot at a translation later.

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Re: October Surprise

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:32 AM

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That Toddlin’ Town

Posted by John Hood at 08:07 AM

Charlotteans should hope that Chicago is not “their kind of town,” given what Jeff Taylor writes about over at the JLF-Charlotte page today concerning Chicago’s scandalous contracting and quotas system.

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Re: October surprise watch

Posted by George Leef at 08:04 AM

"Bush Has Secret Plan to Bring Back Debtors' Prison"

Documents released today by Al Franken show conclusively that if re-elected, President Bush has a plan to reinstitute debtors' prison in America by an Executive Order. In the documents, the President is quoted as saying, "Debt is a bad thing, y'know. Americans need to be taught a lesson and bringing back debtors' prison is just the way to do it!"

Speaking amidst a pile of dead geese in Ohio, John Kerry immediately said, "So now President Bush has declared war on Americans with mortgages and credit card balances. If you're one of those decent, hard-working Americans, do you want to be looking at the world from behind bars come January?"

The Democratic candidate quickly added, "I believe there is also credible evidence that if re-elected, the President plans to close all public libraries, invade Myanmar (which he probably thinks is still called Burma but I know better), and outlaw Sesame Street. Those aren't my values!"

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Re: October surprise watch

Posted by Hal Young at 07:27 AM

Does it disqualify a candidate for "The October Surprise" if it's shown to be groundless? Answer: Of course not, what does that have to do with anything?

Media Research Center points out that while CBS News claims the explosive cache was stolen from under the care of American forces, the NBC news crew traveling with the troops found no such stockpile when they first arrived at QaQaa. Oh, Rats.

To quote what a CBS News rep told us one time, "That's not the story we wanted to tell."

Headline: October Surprise by NYT and CBS News Blows Up In Their Faces

BTW, has anyone mentioned how much stuff 380 tons is? About eight tractor-trailer loads, isn't it ... not exactly a cut-a-hole-in-the-fence-and-backpack-it-out proposition. Strains credulity on the face of it.

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