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September 29, 2005

Stand back, everybody TTA is about to do something miraculous!

Posted by Jon Sanders at 5:32 PM

The N&O reports that "The Triangle Transit Authority has asked for two more weeks to convince skeptics in Washington that its proposed commuter trains would attract enough passengers to justify the system's $759 million cost."

Wow! Only two weeks! So between now and mid-October the TTA is miraculously going to gin up amazing demand for light rail in the Triangle. I'm almost breathless in anticipation. Maestro, a drumroll please:

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The Height of Arrogance From Big Education

Posted by Donna Martinez at 4:15 PM

It seems that stealing from the taxpayers isn't really that huge a deal and shouldn't "distract" us all, according to Patti Gillenwater, chairwoman of Wake Education Partnership's Quality Matters committee. The group's report says -- what else -- Wake County needs more money for the public education system. Here's a sampling from this Raleigh News & Observer story.

Gillenwater said the committee is also recommending that the school board inform the public of the results of the audit it's conducting following fraud cases involving the system's transportation department and the Garner High School cafeteria. But she downplayed the fraud, which involves at least $2 million, saying it shouldn't "distract" people.

"It's not even 1 percent of the budget," Gillenwater said. "It's not minimizing it, but we need to put it in perspective."

Uh, Ms. Gillenwater, minimizing fraud is exactly what you're doing, and you should be ashamed of this statement.

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My court choice

Posted by Jon Ham at 2:27 PM

I just took NewWorld Man's quiz to determine one's choice of a Supreme Court nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Conner. Here's how mine came out:

U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, appointed by
G.W. Bush, 50 years old
Filibustered by Senate Democrats when nominated to
the federal bench, Owen is a former Texas
Supreme Court judge regarded as "far right
wing" by liberals. But who isn't! A
member of the Federalist Society. (Psycho
music) Sen. Reid has already said he would
filibuster her nomination to SCOTUS.

New World Man presents: My favorite candidate for the Supreme Court
brought to you by Quizilla

(Hat tip: G-Man)

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Man gives $10 million to oppress NC State Industrial Engineering

Posted by Jon Sanders at 10:59 AM

Oh, if only some brave faculty would stand up against this evil philanthropist with a history of giving to Republicans (many of whom are ... conservative!) before he oppresses a university!

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Babs may have been right after all

Posted by Jon Ham at 10:58 AM

Remember early this month when Barbara Bush caught all kinds of flak for saying things were "working very well" for the people who had to leave New Orleans to stay in shelters in other states? 

This morning on North Carolina Public Radio interviewed a Katrina refugee who has ended up in Raleigh said: "Katrina was a miracle that got us out of the cage of New Orleans." He said he and his family have no intention of returning, that they enjoy sleeping without being awaken by gunshots and that they are grateful to the North Carolinians who have extended their hands in friendship.

Looks like Mrs. Bush knew what she was talking about and her critics were clueless.

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Feminism, Islam, and the "rule of thumb"

Posted by Jon Sanders at 10:15 AM

Remember the feminist malarkey about the "rule of thumb" being a legal principle from the Near Past that allowed men to beat their wives so long as they used a rod no wider than one's thumb and this misogynism is still so ingrained in our culture that we elected Reagan and admired John Wayne?1

Remember how feminists pushed for action against the ultra-misogynistic Taliban in Afghanistan that is, until the United States of America began to wage war against them after Sept. 11? Remember how they then decided their best choice of action was to start equating Taliban torture, maiming and oppression of women with American Christian fundamentalism (you know, because they would have feminists' crushing and dismemberment of babies outlawed) and saying "Afghanistan is everywhere"?

Well, once again, feminists' darkest and unfounded fears about America and Christians are realized in extremist Islam. The Washington Post today reports on an "imam who wrote a book on how to beat your wife without leaving marks on her body." But don't expect the feminists here to say anything about it independent of their greater loathing for American culture. Islamic extremists2 are still multicultural, see, and all cultures are equal, therefore the only way to attack it from a feminist vantage point is to attack male hegemony everywhere, especially in America (the usual immoral equivalency fare) because here the men have learned how to mask their oppression through invisible things like the glass ceiling, etc. ad nauseam.


1. Standard feminist cant also includes blaming "testosterone" for any violent behavior even if it's exhibited by some kid's mother.

2. "Islamic extremists" used to differentiate from Muslims in general.

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Re: Roundabout

Posted by Jenna Ashley Robinson at 08:48 AM

Speaking of people who know best about Urban Development, check out this blog, entitled "Eyesores that need to be replace[d] in the Area." Maybe they'll have an idea of where that traffic should go.

UPDATE: According to the Hillsborough Street Partnership - the group of interested parties behind Hillsborough's redesign - "up to 30 percent of existing traffic using Hillsborough Street as a through fare will likely use alternate routes such as Western Boulevard."  A Classic example from the Not-In-My-Backard crowd.  Not surprising, since two of the "partners" in this venture are the University Park Homeowners Association and the Hillsborough Street Merchants Association.

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Roundabout way to increase traffic problems

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 08:40 AM

NCSU and Raleigh want to turn Hillsborough Street into a two-lane road with roundabouts to make it safer for student pedestrians if the October 11 bond passes. No word on where they expect the cars to go.

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"The Saudi Arabia of biomass"

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 08:35 AM

North Carolina can make money off its offal according to N.C. Environmental Defense and the group is doing its part to add to the biomass already created by Smithfield hog farms and GA legislation with its new commission.

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Cook up something else

Posted by Paul Chesser at 07:06 AM

The Triangle Transit Authority is just going to keep making up ridership numbers until they find some that the federal government will accept.

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