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December 30, 2008

Obama as Eisenhower?

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 4:51 PM

Michael Barone raises that possibility.

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Fred Barnes on Obamanomics

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 4:48 PM

The Weekly Standard executive editor calls economics the president-elect's "blind spot."

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North Carolina's high-risk health insurance pool

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 4:43 PM

It's getting off the ground now. It would be interesting to know whether this idea fits with Joe Coletti's prescription for the problem.

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Auto makers offer a peek at unions in NC

Posted by Becki Gray at 3:16 PM

With union contributions to state races in November’s elections exceeding $4 million, you can count on bills to allow NC government employees to collectively bargain, i.e. form a union, to resurface when the General Assembly re-convenes in January.  Representatives Dan Blue (D-Wake), Lorene Coates (D-Rowan), Bruce Goforth (D-Buncombe) and Larry Brown (R-Forsyth), who sponsored House Bill 1583 in 2007 that would have dropped the prohibition for government employees to collectively bargain, were all re-elected and will be back for the 2009 session. Senator Larry Shaw (D-Cumberland), sponsor of Senate Bill 1543 that would have allowed for collective bargaining and established a public employee labor relations commission will also be back.  Both of these bills failed to win approval in the 2007 session but expect the same or very similar bills to be filed early in the 2009 session.

Logan Robinson, in A Wall Street Journal editorial ,explains what unions and collective bargaining have done to the auto industry and offers us a peek at what they would do to state government if the expected collective bargaining bills were to become law in North Carolina.  George Leef has written extensively on unions and their impact on business and workers.  For a sampling see here and here and here.


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ObamaCare = National HMO

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 3:07 PM

So says JLF friend Sally Pipes. She also raises the standard in opposition:

The big questions for believers in private medicine are at this point political and strategic. With employers and most insurers reportedly on board with the new administration's desire for radical overhaul, who will step in to ask the tough questions? Will these issues get raised in time to provoke a meaningful, fact-based debate? Americans could easily find that Mr. Obama's 100-day honeymoon ends with a whole new health-care regime they hadn't quite bargained for.

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Bad budgets lead to privatization

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 2:28 PM

Philadelphia's is the latest government to consider privatizing services instead of closing them because the government has no money. Mayor Michael Nutter even suggests that the privately run centers can be better than they were under government control. Those crazy Yankees, no wonder people keep moving South.

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Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax moves ahead in Oregon

Posted by Becki Gray at 10:43 AM

Among the challenges facing governor-elect Purdue and the 2009 General Assembly is how to pay for roads and transportation needs, estimated at $65 Billion over the next twenty years.  One idea being discussed by the 21st Century Transportation Committee is a tax on the miles a vehicle drives rather than (or in some circles, in addition to) the current gas tax on each gallon of gas purchased. Our Agenda 2008 discusses this and other options for paying for roads. Lawmakers in North Carolina always like to know what other states are doing as they consider any changes.  

Oregon has recently completed a task force study and is moving forward with a tax on vehicle miles traveled.  Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) has filed a bill for their upcoming legislative session that would move Oregonians toward a vehicle miles traveled tax. You can bet North Carolina decision makers will be watching Oregon and other states struggling to pay for roads and also hopefully studying Hood’s transportation reading list.


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Locke and the Commies

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 09:06 AM

Of all political terms associated with John Locke,  you might not expect him to be linked to "consciousness-raising."

Yet William Safire's Political Dictionary includes this reference in the second paragraph of its "consciousness-raising" entry:

"Consciousness," wrote John Locke in his 1690 Essay on Human Understanding, "is the perception of what passes in a Man's own mind." That quality of cognition — involving perception, memory, and judgment — combined with self-awareness is usually involved in the many uses of the word.

After spending another three paragraphs explaining how the term "consciousness-raising" has been used in political discourse over the years, Safire concludes:

By the mid-'70s, the word had been taken over by the women's movement — see WOMEN'S LIB and SEXISM — and the use by Locke in this entry would be frowned on.

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If you enjoy today's Daily Journal ...

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 06:50 AM

... you might enjoy reading what one of the founders of free-market environmentalism told Carolina Journal Radio about the Endangered Species Act.

To learn more about free-market environmentalism and Milton Friedman's role in helping the idea develop, click play below.

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Today's Carolina Journal Online features

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 06:40 AM

Today's Carolina Journal Online exclusive features Colleen Calvani's report about the future of charter school policy in North Carolina. 

John Hood's Daily Journal discusses how classical liberal principles — as opposed to modern-day illiberal liberal principles — work better to address problems such as protecting endangered species.

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