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March 30, 2006

Something bugging me about the Duke lacrosse slurring incident

Posted by Jon Sanders at 5:25 PM

Let me say from the outset that this is in no way to make light of the greater issue of gang rape, which is horrible (one has to add the following nowadays) regardless of one's race, class, gender, etc. ad nauseam. Having made that prologue, I have to ask:

Who calls 911 to report an insult?

Two years ago I wrote in the LR about "A generation unable to cope with the mere idea of offense." I said that the hypersensitivity being taught in our culture was producing kids who

act worse than the fainting Victorian ladies of propriety. They're like the fainting goats that pass out cold at any disruption.

It staggers the imagination that someone subjected to a random insult by a drunk would be so flabbergasted that she'd have to call 911. Why not laugh it off? Yell back? Tell your friends and family about it? Write about it? Ignore it? Or any of a few dozen other healthy, adult ways of dealing with offensive behavior from some jerk?

I don't doubt for one second that the slur was upsetting and offensive. But I worry for the health and stability of someone, anyone, whose reaction to a random insulting is to call 911. Does no one teach kids the old maxim "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"? Calling 911 that's for people who are physically stricken, perhaps even at death's door if help is not dispatched immediately (i.e., those hurt by sticks, stones, and worse). Not for someone hurt by "names."

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President Brodhead's amazing comment

Posted by Jon Ham at 5:19 PM

Just heard an amazing comment from Duke President Richard Brodhead. In a letter to parents of Duke undergrads he said (and this is a close paraphrase; I heard it on the radio), "If the allegations are true then all our outrage will have been justified." (Emphasis added; can't find it online.) As these allegations of gang rape begin to look a bit fishy, are people beginning to back off of their earlier certainty?

And if the allegations should prove false, what does that say about all the outrage from the perpetually offended lefties on campus and in nearby Birkenstock neighborhoods? I think "unjustified" is the word I'm looking for. Maybe next time it would be good to find out if allegations are true before becoming outraged and presuming guilt. Just a thought.

UPDATE: Found the link to the letter. Turns out the paraphrased quote was pretty close.

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Re: the "Useless" challenge

Posted by Jon Sanders at 4:59 PM

The North Carolina education lottery is as useless to saving our schools as:

a life boat in the Sahara
the string quartet on the Titanic
a tennis racket in baseball
a pretty face in radio
a Dukakis campaign poster
the definite article to Tonto
home improvement shows to nomads
a fork to soup
nipples on men
training wheels on skis

As useless as Jon Sanders in a pickup basketball game...

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Shameless Carolina Journal Radio plug

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 4:29 PM


People who missed Harvey Mansfield's Pope lecture at N.C. State Tuesday night can get an inkling of his take on "manliness" in the Carolina Journal Radio program scheduled to air the second weekend of April.

Among the highlights of the conversation: a comparison between Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine and Claude Rains' Captain Renault on the "manliness" scale.

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Soda taxes...

Posted by Andrew Cline at 4:15 PM

Thought ya'll would like to know that here in sunny New Hampshire (today it broke 60 degrees for the first time this year!) our legislators voted down a bottled drink tax this session. Allegedly it was a "fee" to fund land and water conservation. But a quick look at the bill revealed -- surprise! -- that only 30 percent of the revenue went to conservation. Forty percent went (can you guess?) to the general fund.

Ah, New Hampshire. Hey, did you know we had an $80 million budget surplus last year and expect a $30 million to $40 million surplus this year? And we don't have a state sales or income tax. And school test scores are consistently above the national average. And the Senate passed a school voucher bill this year that stands a decent shot of passage in the House? And New Hampshire was just rated the most livable state for the second year in a row by an independent consulting firm. And it's now syrup season, so if you go to a farm you get warm maple syrup straight out of the boiler (it is kill-er!).

OK, so the House did pass a bill to ban smoking in all bars and restaurants. But it's going to die a miserable death in the Senate.

Oh yeah, and I drove to work today with my sunroof open and my seatbelt off. Legally.

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Re: Challenge

Posted by Andrew Cline at 3:31 PM

As useless as a Coach K commercial in Chapel Hill...

As useless as barbeque sauce at Clyde Cooper's...

As useless as the Vulcan mind meld on George Leef...

As useless as a "W" button on campus...

As useless as a News & Observer editorial...

As useless as logic on Howard Lee...

As useless as a black powder rifle during lawyer season (they're too darn quick)...

As useless as Jon Sanders in a pickup basketball game...

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Ideas Have Consequences

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 2:38 PM

Still my favorite title of a Richard Weaver book and relevant to the power of think tanks in America. The Economist this past week noted the consequential ideas of Harvey Mansfield, Charles Murray, and others.

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Hey! Have you bought your "NC Education Lottery" tickets yet?

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:33 PM


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Posted by Joseph Coletti at 10:03 AM

John Hood will know that "grups" is from Star Trek, but New York Magazine redefines it to fit today's hipster parents whose greatest fear is to have their two-year-old Death Cab for Cutie fan become a Republican nostalgic for Bush 43.

(via NRO

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Bernard Siegan, R.I.P.

Posted by George Leef at 09:52 AM

A great defender of the right of people to use their property as they choose and to engage in business without having to plead for governmental permission has died. Professor Bernard Siegan's book Economic Liberties and the Constitution was one of the early attacks against the entrenched "progressive" jurisprudence that government control over property and regulation of business enterprise is necessary and beneficial. It was published in 1981 and Siegan finished editing a new edition last year.

He was nominated for a seat on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in 1988 by President Reagan, but the Senate Judiciary Committee wouldn't give him a hearing. Teddy Kennedy, Joe Biden and friends knew that they didn't want a scholar who believed that the Constitution confers almost none of the power they want government to exercise to sit on any federal court.

Two of Siegan's colleagues write in praise of him here.

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Congratulations Howard Lee

Posted by Dr. Terry Stoops at 08:57 AM

Congratulations Chairman of the State Board of Education Howard Lee! You bought the first lottery ticket.

Your quote in the N&O used all the right words:

"The lottery is about a brighter future for North Carolina children, for North Carolina young people and for education in North Carolina."

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Disinformation on wages

Posted by George Leef at 08:36 AM

One of the perennial excuses for leftist meddling with the economy is that earnings for the poor and middle class haven't been rising, thus leading to the conclusion that government should take more money away from "the rich." The Washington Post has recently been beating that drum. Sounds like a ready-made John Edwards issue.

Except it isn't true. (Not that Edwards would ever let truth get in the way of a good campaign issue.) Alan Reynolds demolishes the Post's argument here.

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