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September 30, 2005

42,000 New Residents

Posted by Chad Adams at 2:25 PM

42,000 citizens in Cumberland County woke up this morning as the newest members of Fayetteville.  In the largest and most argued "forced annexation" case in NC finally ends, these residents will now get those city services imposed upon them with the new tax bill as well.

In the end, the city will reap another $9 million in taxes annually (well, increasing annually).  The great part about this is that the city water and sewer benefits may not reach many of those residents for another 10-15 years because the plans aren't in place yet.  So, they get to subsidize the water and sewer for the rest of Fayetteville.

 Letters to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas were summarily dismissed thus avoiding a challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court at this time.

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Re: Russians must hate this

Posted by Jon Sanders at 11:06 AM

I just don't get that sign at all, Jon. Russians do have a "T" why didn't the guy use it? That looks like a backwards geh (gamma) or a 7. Maybe this is a Commie version of 733t speak?

Another thing I don't get is why his poster is full of images of Chuck Amato.

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Russians must really hate this

Posted by Jon Ham at 10:27 AM

This guy protesting in San Francisco is holding a sign that is supposed to say "KATRINA." He's wearing a t-shirt with CCCP on it, so he should know a little bit about the Cyrillic alphabet. But his "KATRINA" sign actually says "KDGYAIID" if read phonetically. Somebody buy this old commie a clue.

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Whose idea was this?

Posted by Jon Ham at 10:14 AM

They're sending opera companies on a tour of U.S. military installations. The person who came up with this idea obviously hasn't spent much time around G.I.s. This may be the biggest entertainment gaffe since the Air Force booked an all-male, senior-citizen polka band to entertain the troops in Thule, Greenland, back in 1968. The photo of beautiful downtown Thule below may give you an idea why entertainment with showgirls was so important to us.

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Mad Libs, Katrina, Regulation

Posted by Jon Ham at 08:54 AM

The Wall Street Journal Online reports on the federal response to Katrina. I found the link on Instapundit, where Glenn Reynolds had this line extracted from the WSJ article (in part):

As it was, cumbersome federal regulations generally prevent Mr. Bush from sending regular Army troops to enforce order ...

Now, let's have a little fun with Mad Libs! To see how Katrina relates to nearly all regulations in America, try inserting any word you want into key areas in the above sentence:

As it was, cumbersome federal regulations generally prevent (noun) from (verb, progressive) (noun) to (noun or verb) ...

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