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October 4, 2004

Slapfight at UNC over who Jesus would vote for

Posted by Jon Sanders at 6:10 PM

"After watching the presidential debate Thursday night, two UNC students ended up slapping each other while fighting over who Jesus would vote for in the election."

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At UNC, theoretical sexual harassment still more offensive than the real thing

Posted by Jon Sanders at 4:44 PM

This student, a senior in the environmental program, sees Prof. Forbes' action of hosting a Playboy "Girls of the ACC" photo shoot in his home as part of the "broader problem" of UNC-Chapel Hill professors who "routinely sexually harass their female students."

She goes on:

What does it mean for women when one student's attitude toward her major changes because her instructor kissed her? What does it mean for the University when women avoid extracurricular activities facilitated by professors they distrust? What does it mean for our community when women leave college feeling disempowered and wary of learning?

What does it mean when campus leftists are more upset over a professor's legal if questionable activity with student volunteers in the privacy of his own home than they are about a UNC-CH teacher's actual, documented sexual and racial discrimination and harassment against a student in the classroom?

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Re: Thar she blows!

Posted by Jon Sanders at 3:32 PM

As scientists warn that an eruption is imminent, you can view Mount St. Helens on this webcam (shots taken every five minutes).

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Cons vs. Neocons

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:29 PM

These two statements, one by neo-con Fred Barnes and the other by con Bill Buckley, capture the essence of why neo-conservatives are not conservatives.

"Primarily because of its social implications, I always thought the draft was a pretty good idea."
Fred Barnes

"the draft...would be a terrible forfeit in any general design to limit the role of government in human affairs."
William F. Buckley

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Jerry Agar's Replacement Starts Today

Posted by Paul Chesser at 09:46 AM

A few words (in 2002) from Bill LuMaye, formerly of Green Bay, Wisc.:

This state budget may well be the most horrific piece of legislation ever composed by any body of so-called public servants. The complete lack of fiscal responsibility in this bill approaches historic levels. Self-serving, unconstitutional legislation and a plethora of fuzzy bribes for voters round out one smelly document.

It simply amazes me how tolerant the public can be of complete incompetence by its employees. . .

This "repair bill" repairs nothing. They have stolen what was once billions - yes, billions - in tobacco money to pay for their unrepressed spending habits and without even so much as a blink, self-importantly ordered the health department to check under the office cushions for a few million to keep minors from smoking. But then again, we're going need those kids smoking so we can collect the tax to improve the quality of life in this great state.

Sounds promising.

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'You Used to Be Big'

Posted by Paul Chesser at 08:36 AM

"I am big. It's the pictures that got small."

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