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October 7, 2006

A few snippets from the bloggers

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 7:57 PM

I will not attempt to replicate three hours of panel discussion in the course of this brief blog.

Instead you can watch brief snippets from the first panel on local vs. global blogs and the second panel on the impact of blogs on political discourse.

If you'd like to learn more about the blogging panelists, their main blogs are all linked from the Carolina FreedomNet  2006 page. 

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Re: Gay Patriot live blogged

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 6:56 PM

"This guy" (not Gay Patriot) came into the conference at least 15 minutes late (missing John Hood's comments about being civil). Within 5 minutes of sitting down he was slamming his hand down on the table sputtering profanities not so under his breath and disrupting the conference for everyone sitting around him. After a while of this he stormed out loudly proclaiming for all near by to hear what a waste of money the conference was. He then went out into the hall and proceeded to complain loudly enough for all inside the conference to hear. It is fine to have a harsh review of the conference, that's what blogging is about. But my review of his conduct was that it was rude and disruptive.

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Gay Patriot live blogged Carolina FreedomNet

Posted by Jon Ham at 5:24 PM

The Gay Patriot live-blogged the John Locke Foundation's Carolina FreedomNet 2006 this morning. Here's one comment:

Another interesting topic was the demographics of bloggers. There was a lot of agreement that Sitemeter stats help, emails provide a lot of good info, as do comments. Lorie specifically said that if you have a unique perspective you get certain demographic and she said her audience includes a lot of gay conservatives. Then she said, “one of the best gay conservative sites is GayPatriot.” Yeaaaaaaa. And at a John Locke event to boot. And nope, I wasn’t stoned. I was embraced.

UPDATE: This guy, though, wasn't a happy camper, even after talking to Kory Swanson.

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Bloggers and pamphleteers

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 4:33 PM

What do today's bloggers have in common with the political thinkers of America's revolutionary era? Plenty.

That's the view of Scott Johnson. He's the Power Line blogger who delivered the keynote speech at Carolina FreedomNet 2006, the John Locke Foundation's first statewide blogging conference.

Johnson shared the story of his blog's role in exposing the phony Air National Guard documents used to discredit President Bush. Once the documents were discredited instead, heads rolled at CBS News.

Johnson also compared bloggers to revolutionary-era pamphleteers. He expanded on the theme afterward in an interview that will air soon on Carolina Journal Radio.

People of all different backgrounds availed themselves of the medium of pamphlets to get out their words, to make their arguments, and to take up arguments in other pamphlets -- to rebut or add onto. ...

Working out arguments -- the successive approximation to the truth that you can get to through blogs and additional commentary, comments on blogs, blogs commenting on other bloggers. That's also another way of saying what happened with respect to this CBS story, and I think that is a function that the blogosphere performs that's very much like these pamphlets, where in the course of observing knowledgeable people arguing back and forth on a given subject, there's something like a successive approximation of the truth over time -- that a person can size up for himself or herself with his own eyes. And that's really what I'm looking for in the blogosphere.

Like the pamphleteers, Johnson says bloggers help contribute to the survival of the constitutional system of the United States.

Stay tuned to the Locker Room. We'll post some video clips later from panelists who participated in Carolina FreedomNet 2006.

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Chemical explosion on Thursday...

Posted by Paul Chesser at 07:37 AM

...lawsuit on Friday

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