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February 9, 2008

Acolytes at the Church of Global Warming

Posted by Jane S. Shaw at 4:42 PM

The “disturbingly quiet” sun that Jon Sanders reminded us about on Friday hasn’t affected the complacency of the global warming devotees who led the national climate-change teach-in at the end of January. The Pope Center’s Jenna Robinson visited Duke's teach-in and, although there weren’t a lot of students, there was a chilling conformity among the experts. She reports on her visit here

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Forget the soccer moms and NASCAR dads

Posted by Becki Gray at 2:30 PM

After recent conversations with my twenty something, previously politically apathetic son, I am beginning to believe that the most influential voting block in the next presidential election will be the Y Generation. These folks born between 1977 and 1994 make up over 20% of the population in the US and for the first time, are really paying attention to politics. As a voting block, they stand to have a tremendous impact in the presidential election. They see John McCain as old and out of touch and they see Hillary Clinton as an angry mom. So who do they relate to?

Take a look at this message from Barack Obama:

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