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August 9, 2004

Re: Eating the family pet

Posted by Jon Sanders at 4:15 PM

Chad, that's truly an inspirational story. It's touching how you learned that your dear pet had one more stop on the way to fishy heaven.

Regarding Greyson, I was struck by Suzana's admission that sale of the family pet for meat "had given me one-fifth of my yearly income." Also, I hope young Emerson had enough foresight to grain-feed the thing ... yum, yum!

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Eating your pets

Posted by Chad Adams at 4:07 PM

Just wanted you to know I cried my way through the Greyson story. I can recall fishing with my grandfather, learning to bait and set the hook and then placed my new "pet" on a stringer. Oh the agony of it all. .

We placed several pets on the stringer that day and then my grandmother chopped their heads off and fed what we couldn't eat to the family cat including the eyes.

I even spent the afternoon killing our hand raised vegetables, the sheer sadness of ripping the beets from their home in the warm ground. We even decapitated several cabbages as well. I even think we tortured some green beans by removing them from the mother plant.

It was a truly difficult day in all, we even prayed before we ate to give thanks for what we worked for and were about to consume.

I learned something truly special that day, I learned that fried fish taste pretty good!

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Our Next Contestant Is...

Posted by Paul Chesser at 3:43 PM

The Global TransPark couldn't attract Boeing to Kinston, and now apparently has lost the consolation prize.

Please accept these lovely parting gifts as our thanks for playing with us today.

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The institute for what?

Posted by Jon Sanders at 3:13 PM

This Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader article on the "declining attendance and budget difficulties [that] have threatened to darken the stage" for the outdoor drama Daniel Boone: The Man and the Legend.

Toward the end, you'll read this: "Overall, attendance at outdoor dramas is down, according to the University of North Carolina-based Institute for Outdoor Drama."

UNC has an Institute for Outdoor Drama?

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How to guilt-trip your rebellious teenager

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:48 PM

"When her teenaged son announced that he wanted to eat beef, Suzanna Hough didn't run to the grocery store. A Carolina art student documented their story."

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Did You Know...

Posted by Paul Chesser at 2:37 PM


* The United States has 53 states but the "flag has not yet been updated to reflect the addition of the last three states" -- Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico?

* World War II began in 1938 and ended in 1942?

* There are two houses of Congress -- the Senate and the House, and "one is for Democrats and the other is for the Republicans, respectively?"

If not, then that's because you didn't graduate from the California Alternative High School.

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Re: Bill Bloodies Krugman

Posted by Paul Chesser at 2:14 PM

I couldn't help but take a look at the transcript to Russert's show, which included this exchange:

Mr. O'REILLY: ...what Krugman (wants) is the government to run the economy. Kerry's going to create 10 million jobs or 30 million, whatever he's going to do. What I want is the private sector to drive the economy. There's a fundamental difference between him, Mr. Entitlement, and me, Mr. Self-Reliance. That's it.

RUSSERT: What about the deficits, though? What would you do about them, and how do you deal with them?

Mr. O'REILLY: What I'd do with them is I would reorganize the entitlements that are the bulk of the deficits, OK, reorganize it. And I believe in privatizing some of the Social Security, medical savings funds, all of those things, educational funds. (Krugman) wants the government to pay everything. That, in a nation of 300 million, is impossible. Ask any working-class person. They're all in debt. They're all struggling to survive. You want to buy a house? Look at the housing prices, OK? When my father bought a house in Levittown, it was 8 grand after he got out of World War II. This same house is $250,000. They can 't afford to buy a house and pay the property taxes, pay his taxes, pay the state taxes. It's ridiculous. The government has got to shrink. They've got to get smart. They've got to run it like a private business would run it, not Mr. Big Government because they can't keep track of the money. There's no waste management in the money. Corruption is rife. And he wants more tax money to waste. It's outrageous.

I think I'm now becoming an O'Reilly fan.

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Sales Tax Silliness

Posted by Jeff A. Taylor at 1:06 PM

Good to see reliable Bruce Bartlett knock the air out of Denny Haslert's absurd national sales tax trial balloon.

Bruce notes the numbers flim-flam that is at the heart of national sales tax proposals, and that makes clear we'd never end up with a sales tax replacement for the income tax. Instead we'd get a federal sales tax in addition to a federal income tax.

Of course, the claim that drives me bonkers is that a national sales tax, or VAT, would somehow deep-six the IRS. The state is never indifferent to revenue collection.

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Bill Bloodies Krugman

Posted by Paul Chesser at 12:39 AM

I'm not a Bill O'Reilly fan, but I happened to catch the end of his visit to Tim Russert's CNBC program this weekend, where O'Reilly debated liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. I must say, O'Reilly thoroughly, unreservedly, and appropriately hammered Krugman on subjects from A to Z, which Donald Luskin recounts today on National Review Online.

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California Overhaul?

Posted by Paul Chesser at 09:25 AM

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal speculates today about what California Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar is contemplating after finally figuring out that he has an uncooperative legislature. The state's ballot initiative process presents the governor with almost limitless ideas to go to citizens with what he wants, because the state legislature's popularity is at an all-time low.

Here's one lawmaker's suggestion for Schwarzeneggar:

"I've told the governor he should go for five in '05," Republican Assembly Leader Kevin McCarthy told (Fund). "He could ask for a part-time legislature, redistricting reform, tort reform, a cap on spending growth and the parts of his government reorganization package the Democratic legislature would never pass. It would be a record of reform unequaled by any governor."

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