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Well, I tol' ya so

Posted by Jon Sanders at 10:06 AM

Me, yesterday:

[C]onspiracymongers make no allowance for initial confusion during an event — in fact, they exploit that confusion to build a case after the fact for government (or whomever) "suppressing the truth."

So in this instance, should it become a cause celèbre in kookdom, the tinfoil hats would start churning out bug-eyed rants about "The FAA is LYING about 10/11! Eyewitnesses report seeing black helicopters hitting the buildings! We're living in a wag-the-dog police state! It's time to panic!"

Conspiracymongers today

Some Eyewitnesses Claim Crash Was Helicopter

This is unofficial, but straight from a relative who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan: the word is that it was a helicopter that crashed into the apartment building. There is a large hospital nearby called “New York Presbyterian” that has a helopad on top.

The helicopter was apparently heading for landing on the helopad on top of the hospital. The apartment building into which the helicopter crashed is located at E. 72nd and York Avenues. The hospital with the helopad on top is at 69th. That’s the word from the streets of New York City. I cannot verify it, I’m just passing it along.

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