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The Governor Addresses the State

Posted by Becki Gray at 08:19 AM

From the mouth of the governor, here's what I gathered from his speech, live from the House.

Since 2005 teachers have gotten 18 percent raises and he's not finished.

Best business climate and credit rating in the country.

Children of military families - NC will take care of you.
True fight for American life is to protect our economic security by producing skilled workers to compete in a global economy.

Gov. Easley believes we should offer a college education to every child in NC. His budget will take Learn and Earn statewide with large expansions.

Increase financial aid from 300 million.
Free education grants to low-income students with some accountability of grades and work 10 hours a week.

Give more opportunity; it is our duty to offer that opportunity because our NC values demand it.

We will be judged on how we treat our most needy. "We become their parents. We should do the same thing for the state's children. We committed to raise these children".

He is proposing health care for all children - fully fund CHIPS this year.12,000 children will be covered up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level.People in poverty should not pay income tax in North Carolina.

He'll add court personnel and jails, more technology for law enforcement. He claims he's keeping the tax rate low and education standards high. Claims to give tax relief to small businesses. Every citizen who wants a better job can get s stronger job.

Energy independence. Government buildings are more efficient. Give people incentives to reduce power use.

Additional improvements in ethics and campaign reform must be made until it reflects the integrity of the people of NC.

Can't always over tax and over spend. We need fiscal responsibility. Couldn't agree more, Governor.

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