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HB502: Repeal Chiropractic Special Provision

Posted by Becki Gray at 4:35 PM

Reporting from the Legislature

If you remember, Jim Black was convicted in federal court for accepting cash from chiropractors to include the Chiropractic Special Provision in last year's budget bill.

The new bill, sponsored by the House Minority and Marjority leaders, Rep. Holliman (D-Davidson) and Rep. Paul Stam (R - Wake), would repeal Black's bill.

The arguments for and against this new bill are as follows:

Those arguing in favor of the bill: Holliman (D-Davidson), Stam (R-Wake), Ross (D-Wake), Rapp (D- Madison), Blust (R-Guilford), Tarleton (D-Wautaga), Yongue (D-Scotland), Dollar (R-Wake), Martin (D-Wake), Glazier (D- Cumberland). They state that any legislation that has been sold should be repealed. Period. There is ample opportunity for the original chiropractic issue to be re-introduced, fully debated and reconsidered.

Those arguing against the bill: Clary (R-Cleveland), Sutton(D-Robeson), Allred (R-Alamance)

Two wrongs don't make a right. It is hypocritical to repeal a law for political reasons that was passed for political reasons.

108 - in favor
8 - opposed

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