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Bigoted Americans aren't ready to vote for a woman/black

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 09:04 AM

Two TIME readers are already buying into the storyline predicted in this forum back in May: a loss for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will constitute a loss for women or blacks.

An Illinois man writes this week:

Clinton's credentials are far superior to those of anyone else in the pack. I consider her the U.S.'s best female public figure since Eleanor Roosevelt. If she does not win her party's nomination, it will be a clear sign to the world that women's equality is another cause America preaches but does not practice.

A Florida man aims the blame gun at a narrower target:

What conservatives hate about Clinton is that she is a woman. It's nothing more than old-fashioned sexism. Equal rights have always been anathema to them.

Prepare to see this storyline resurface if/when Clinton and Obama lose the primary and/or general election.

One cannot expect a person who expresses the ideas above to understand (or at least to admit) that a voter might well like to see a woman or black man (or black woman, for that matter) become president if that candidate shares the voter's values and philosophy.

A vote for a candidate other than Clinton does not mean a vote against women. A vote for a candidate other than Obama does not mean a vote against blacks. 

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