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I made a public bet with Jerry Agar that my nanny-stater can beat his

Posted by Jon Sanders at 00:30 AM

Here is an excerpt:

... If their decision wouldn't give one of these characters a 50/50 chance of being president next year, I'd feel sorry for Democrat primary voters. Choosing among Clinton, Obama and Edwards must be like choosing your favorite Stooge, with your only options being Shemp, Joe and Curly-Joe. Hillary's Shemp. ...

And none of them cherish the liberties that made this country exceptional. ...

Rain or shine, you and I have cheered for freedom on the field of ideas you in talk radio, now at WLS in Chicago, and I at the John Locke Foundation and now at Right now it seems that if anyone's going to win the Clinton-Lite Bowl this primary season, it'll be either my state's candidate, Edwards, or yours, Obama.

Yours is the early favorite, but if Clinton fades, Edwards would emerge as a significant challenger. So I'm offering you this friendly wager. I'll bet you some of my favorite homegrown examples of freedom that my nanny-stater can beat yours.

As I see it, if Edwards wins, North Carolina loses so in this bet, I would, too. ...

Follow the link to see what I wagered.

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