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Fox and Friends goes elitist

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 11:30 AM

I usually watch the Fox News Chanel's morning show, Fox and Friends, before coming to work each morning. In general I am a huge fan. But the hosts' attitude toward popular opinion regarding the bailout have shifted from their typically populist attitudes to one that is decidedly elitist. It is quite clear that Steve, Gretchen, and Brian are disappointed that the bailout went down to defeat yesterday, and they are clearly hopeful that something new will emerge. Like most of the media they are parroting all of Paulson's alarmist lines. But worst of all they are condescending toward the two-thirds of the American public who hate this (raw) deal. First Steve lamented that maybe the American people just haven't had the problem explained to them well enough, implying that he gets it but it just hasn't been dumbed down enough for the rest of us. And then Brian, the usually very funny sports guy who knows absolutely no economics, explained it by saying that it's like the sunny blue skies right before a hurricane hits. He was clearly implying that we are all too stupid to see what's coming and head for higher ground-of course he isn't. 

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