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Know your scams

Posted by Jon Sanders at 3:58 PM

The federal bailout omigodwebetterpassitnoworelsegreatdepressionii! has a familiar sound to me, which I explore in my new Townhall column:

I am TOP OFFICIAL IN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who have confidence in your ability and reliability to prosecute a TRANSACTION REQUIRING YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

We in federal government are interested in PURCHASE OF TROUBLED ASSETS with VALUE WHICH ARE PRESENTLY TRAPPED in housing market crash. In order to commence this business we solicit your assistance to enable us to transfer into YOUR PUBLIC REVENUE ACCOUNT in Washington District of Columbia the said trapped assets. ...

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TRANSACTION IS 100% SAFE and we hope to commence the transaction AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We must ACT NOW to take advantage of this ONCE-IN-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY for MAKE MONEY NOW.

We are looking forward to doing business with you and solicit your confidence in this transaction. Please acknowledge receipt of this email by DOING NOTHING. Please DO NOT CALL us in Washington any more. We will send you detailed information of this pending project when we STOP HEARING FROM YOU.



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