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Test Your Annexation Knowledge: Round 2

Posted by Daren Bakst at 1:59 PM

The answers to the previous questions are C and D.

If you needed a lifeline,  that is fine.  Let's continue and see whether you can be an imaginary millionaire.

$10,000 Question: Annexation victims have a say whether they are annexed in:

A) The Public Hearing
B) Their Dreams
C) The Public Information Meeting
D) County Commission Meetings

The next question is important because if you get it right, you can't leave here without at least $25,000 in imaginary dollars.  It is a bit tough.

$25,000 Question:  The following is not true about the annexation law:

A) There is a density requirement for annexed areas
B) There is no way to challenge whether a voluntary annexation is being done legally
C) Victims have to pay for the provision of services they never wanted in the first place
D) Victims have to pay city property taxes even if they are not receiving promised services, unless at their own expense they go to the Local Government Commission and seek abatement of their taxes.

Good Luck!  Next Questions Coming Soon!

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