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How to spend stimulus money

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 08:00 AM

Just in case you thought North Carolina's share of the manna from heaven money from Washington was well thought out, read this morning's Raleigh News & Observer. A sample of quotes from organizations getting the housing money:

  • The challenge will be to ensure these resources will be allocated in a way that they get spent. It's not like we have a network of folks ready to jump. - Chris Estes, executive director of the N.C. Housing Coalition in Raleigh
  • The state has to decide how they're going to spend it. - Denise Neunaber, executive director of the N.C. Coalition to End Homelessness
  • We'll absolutely find something to do with it. - Rae Buckley, a senior planner for the town of Chapel Hill [Chapel Hill?]

Ms. Neunaber also told the N&O that there is no state-level coordinating agency to decide how to spend $22.2 million in taxpayer money to rescue people from foreclosure.

Which reminds me, there are some tea parties today.

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