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Irony in Attempt to Pass Political Welfare Bill

Posted by Daren Bakst at 1:10 PM

Dallas Woodhouse, State Director of Americans for Prosperity, has an excellent op-ed in today's Fayetteville Observer regarding HB 120, the local government political welfare bill.

The bill has significant opposition, but the numbers are close enough in the House so that if the bill gets heard on the "right" day, it could just pass despite the fact most House members oppose the bill.  Regarding these political games, Mr. Woodhouse argues:

It seems ironic that a bill intended to reduce voter cynicism from the electoral process is being purposefully held up for days in the hope that enough opposing members are unexpectedly absent, allowing the bill to narrowly pass despite not having majority support.

Rep. Glazier
[a primary sponsor of the bill] should announce once and for all a specific day and time when this bill will be heard on the House floor, allowing plenty of time to ensure all members will be present to represent their constituents. A full debate and transparent vote should then take place.

Rep. Glazier should not attempt to win at all costs. If this bill cannot pass with clear majority support, it should be sent back to committee until the end of this two-year legislative session. To do otherwise would simply add to the lack of confidence and cynicism Rep. Glazier says he is trying to stop.

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