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The Health-Care Grail

Posted by George Leef at 09:37 AM

That the title of this excellent piece by William McGurn in today's Wall Street Journal. He points out that whereas Obama said while campaigning that he would be open to ideas on this issue, now that his plan is up in Congress, that professed openness has turned out to be another false promise. What we've got, McGurn says, is a "My-way-or-the-highway president who impugns the character and motives of dissenters."

Well said.

He also quotes James Capretta: "Think of public education. They want to do for health care what they've done for education -- establish a government-run, universal system. Once in place, they will defend such a system whether or not it delivers the results promised."

Good point. Public education is a high-cost, low efficiency government-run operation that many parents desperately want to escape from. It's a system that devotes tremendous resources to public relations and politicking to keep itself in place and slurping up more and more public money. Expect the same sort of thing under Obamacare.

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