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The Agars Are Coming, The Agars Are Coming

Posted by Paul Chesser at 2:07 PM

Below is the entire report (I'll spare you the need to register on the site) in the Kansas City Star, from media columnist Hearne Christopher Jr., about the pending arrival of Jerry Agar in a few weeks:

Life after Becka: At long last KMBZ 980 AM has landed its replacement for recently departed, five-years-and-out blabbermeister Tom Becka.

Hey and big surprise.

KMBZ failed to take Becka's advice and hire newsman Mike Shanin to shepherd the station through the fall election. So instead of a host familiar with the local political landscape, KMBZ will field a host conservative talker Jerry Agar of WPTF in Raleigh, N.C. likely more familiar with former KU basketball coach Roy Williams.

What to expect?

A peek at WTPF's Web waxing on Agar seems a tad telling. As in references to wanting to have dinner with Rush Limbaugh and savoring a hatchet job book about Hillary Clinton. Should provide a nice audio bridge between Rush and Bill O'Reilly.

Sounds more like it belonged on the obituary page for this Becka guy.

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