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"Investing" in high speed rail

Posted by George Leef at 10:32 AM

Apropos of Roy's post....

Suppose that a terribly obese man waddles into his doctor's office. The doctor looks at his chart for a moment, then says, "Since I saw you last, you've put on an enormous amount of weight. You were far too heavy for your own good in 2009 and you've added 200 pounds since then."

Man: "Maybe I have overdone it a little...."

Doctor: "A little?! You have been consuming way more calories than you need and all that fat is slowing you down. It could even be fatal."

Man: "I hear you and have a plan. I'm going to cut down from two dozen jelly doughnuts per day to only 22 jelly doughnuts. But there is a new sort of cupcake being sold by one of my favorite bakeries, and I'm going to have to get one of them daily. Two doughnuts down and one cupcake up -- that's good, right?"

The obese man, of course, is Obama's federal government. The cupcake he wants to add to his diet is high speed rail, a proven black hole for government spending, as Wendell Cox shows here.

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