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Alarmists attempt ambush of Inhofe: confront him with phony poll numbers, not arguments

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 2:26 PM

What happens when Sen. James Inhofe, the most prominent critic of global warming alarmism in the US Senate is confronted in the halls of Congress by wild eyed alarmists? Does he run away, as Al Gore might do if the table were turned, or would grab the inquisitor by and yell “who are you?” Actually he stops and tries to have a civil conversation. This is what happened when Inhofe had a microphone and camera shoved in his face by alarmist author Mark Hertsgaard who is trying to promote his new book called Hot.  The entire confrontation and Inhofe’s very civil response can be viewed here. What was interesting is that what Hertsgaard apparently thought was the most compelling evidence that he could confront Inhofe with was a poll claiming that 98 percent of  climate scientists essentially held the same alarmist views that people like Hertsgaard and Al Gore hold. Of course polls are not an argument, but this poll is especially shady. Here’s the background—(Look under graph for the story about the poll. Make sure you also look at the graph which  also tells an interesting story of recent temperature trends). 

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