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Freedoms we don't even realize we have, and the thieves who covet them

Posted by Jon Sanders at 2:10 PM

I wrote last week about the creepy "Every child, OUR child" mentality:

Depending on where you live, [busybodies using the coercive power of government] will be there forcibly preventing you from sending your child to the nearest or best local school, actively preventing you from having a menu of educational options, forcing you to strap your child in a car seat even when he's reached school age and can therefore ride the schoolbus which contains neither seat belts nor car seats, depriving you of places to shop to feed and clothe your child (e.g., "Wal-Mart oppresses the poor!"), dictating dietary restrictions and trying to shut down select restaurants, taking other economic choices from your family because of environmentalist nonsense (which they invariably say is out of concern for the children), et cetera ad nauseam.

Today I read, in an article about a study of unique baby names, that some countries dictate that parents must get governmental approval even for naming their children:

For instance, Denmark has a baby-naming rule list translated as the List over Personal Names. If a desired name is not on the list, a family can submit a written application to get consent from the Personal Names Committee under the auspices of the Danish Language Council. Names that aren't considered "personal names," including nicknames and "names, which can be feared to be a burden to the bearer," cannot expect to be approved, the committee states on its website.

Sweden, Hungary, Norway and other countries also have baby-naming laws.

Had you ever realized we have a freedom to name our own children, and that such a freedom -- without we remain vigilant -- could be taken from us? There are so many freedoms we don't even realize we have, which is why the Founders in their wisdom constructed the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

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