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Global warming causes heavy snows this winter--yeah, right!

Posted by Dr. Roy Cordato at 4:27 PM

According to climate scientists, Jeff Masters and Mark Serreze, corralled by the far left Union of Concerned Scientists, the large amounts of snow this winter are consistent with global warming. Of course their arguments are based on nothing that has been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. (Isnít it nice to be promoting a hypothesis that even contradictory evidence canít falsify? I think that used to be called religion.) This news story  explains their argument.

The articles below rightfully ridicule the proclamations. One article notes that the Union of Concerned Scientists, ďsponsored a workshop on Mt. Washington in 2007 in which they promised ski areas that snow would be hard to come by even in northern areas and they might consider another profession.Ē  A second article suggests that according to the logic of Masters and Serreze, the reason that before now we havenít seen snow in Mississippi and Alabama is that it must have been too cold. See here , here , here , and here.

It is quite clear that what the alarmist, eco-left has decided to do is to continuously adjust its story to fit whatever facts are presented to them, while always managing to keep the same tragic ending.

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