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Freedoms we don't even realize we have, and the thieves who covet them, II

Posted by Jon Sanders at 4:25 PM

If this is going to be a series, then here's the original entry.

Courtesy of Jenna Ashley Robinson, I learned today of another overlooked freedom we have that the feds under Obama wish to take away. As the AP reports,

In the pastures of northeastern Vermont, Jasper Hill Farm's Ayrshire cows feast on grass and clover, producing a fresh, sweet milk that fuels some of the country's most beloved cheeses.

"Our approach is to distill the landscape," says Mateo Kehler, cheesemaker and co-founder of the creamery. ...

Kehler and other artisanal cheesemakers swear by "raw" milk - straight-from-the-udder and unpasteurized - saying it gives their products personality and depth of character by retaining the good bacteria that otherwise are killed during pasteurization. Selling raw milk is illegal in most states, but federal law allows cheese made from raw milk as long as it is aged for 60 days, a period intended to kill harmful bacteria.

But the Food and Drug Administration is re-examining its regulations, a move that has caused concern among cheese makers. They worry that the agency will lengthen the mandatory aging period or, possibly, ban raw milk cheeses altogether. FDA officials are meeting next week in Washington with members of the American Cheese Society to discuss the issues. ...

Had you ever realized we have a freedom to buy artisan cheese made from raw milk, and that such a freedom -- without we remain vigilant -- could be taken from us? There are so many freedoms we don't even realize we have, which is why the Founders in their wisdom constructed the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

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