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NC State women's studies head, journalism prof cheers media for its potrayal of sexual harasser as victim

Posted by Jon Sanders at 3:25 PM

The Nation covers an item of local interest this week:

There's also Elyse Crystall, an English professor at the University of North Carolina, who objected to the comments of a "white, heterosexual, Christian male" in her class. She got bad press, hate e-mails and the attention of Representative Walter Jones, who persuaded the Office for Civil Rights of the US Education Department to investigate. She was found guilty of harassment.

Ho hum, fiddle-dee-dee.

Slight correction: That was racial and sexual harassment, and that was not all Elyse Crystall was found guilty of. Tellingly, The Nation overlooks the fact that Crystall was also found guilty of racial and sexual discrimination. Furthermore, the Office of Civil Rights made it clear that they would have found her guilty of religious discrimination and harassment too, if that was in their purview.

(Incidentally, why is Elyse Crystall still employed by the University of North Carolina? What Crystall did was a far, far worse abuse of her classroom authority and her students that what social work professor Martha Lamb did. Lamb tried to tell her graduate students how far her discipline had come in learning racial tolerance, and to prove it she provided an example of a racist joke her professors had used, for which she was forced to resign immediately.)

N.C. State's Cat Warren, who is the director of NCSU's Women's and Gender Studies program when she's not complaining that the media's biggest problem is reporters who try to be objective rather than be overtly activist socialists or warning about conferences favoring academic freedom, cheers this sterling example of her kind of reporting on in a missive to her colleagues on the UNC leftist listserv (did I mention Warren is also styled a "professor of journalism and the media"?):

Check out this week's cover for the Nation magazine: It does my heart good to finally see the leftist and progressive press truly cover this comprehensively....

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