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Public schools "cannot choose" their students

Posted by Janie Neeley at 09:53 AM

This excuse is trotted out each year after test scores are published. It's also a favorite saying of school choice critics who attack choice as inherently elitist.

Yet, the truth is essentially the opposite. Selective admission policies are widespread in public schools. Take a look at Wake county's year-round school debate.

Certainly equity and diversity are important, but at what point does this concern trump the needs and personal circumstances of the parents involved. It is no wonder why low-income parents lack trust in our public schools. They are continually used as political pawns.

Two quotes stand out to summarize this debate:
"Mandatory is unfortunately the way we'll have to go if we want to keep all schools healthy." - Rosa Gill, Wake County School Board Member

"Power always thinks it has great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak." John Adams

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