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Posted by Jon Sanders at 6:15 PM

It's been three months since I last updated you on all the activity going on at UNC Law's Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. Here is what I wrote then. Compare that with the progress the center has made now:

"Poverty Center Staff": "John Edwards" (but "New Center Staff Members Will Be Posted Shortly")

"News and Upcoming Events": "The [sic] are no events posted at this time."

"Recent Events": "Edwards Receives Warm Welcome" (headline)

News and Announcements: Four (4) headlines spanning nearly the entire month of February 2005: "Homecoming," from University Gazette; "A Carolina Welcome," from The News and Observer; "Edwards Makes Debut at UNC Law School," from the Herald-Sun; and "Former Sen. John Edwards to Lead New Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity" from the law school web site.

If you compared this with my last update, you'll realize that the Edwards Center now breaks "News and Upcoming Events" into "Upcoming Events" and "News and Announcements."

I'm telling you, at this rate this center will solve poverty faster than you can say "hair care products!"

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